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Manage media-ready press kits: Create and manage press kits and brand profiles on behalf of your clients.

Boost clients' media exposure: Leverage our AI-driven platform to connect clients with influential media professionals.

Streamline PR process: Optimize your PR workflow and secure valuable media coverage for your clients with Press Hook.

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Press Hook places your business in front of journalists to create relevant stories in real-time at a fraction of the traditional cost.









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Choose from our cost-effective pricing tiers and use AI to create brand profiles to showcase your clients' media-ready press kits.

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Efficiently manage source requests and sample verification and tracking to save valuable time.

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Position your clients for relevant media exposure with real-time access to top-tier journalists

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Connect with Media Effortlessly
Leverage Press Hook's AI-driven platform to forge valuable connections with top-tier media for your clients. Our cutting-edge tools simplify the process of building relationships and securing media coverage.
Comprehensive PR Hub
The ultimate destination for agencies to manage clients' brand assets in real-time, efficiently send products, and pitch news announcements to the right media contacts, all powered by our AI tools.
AI-Enhanced PR for Agencies
Press Hook streamlines the PR process for agencies with AI technology, offering a user-friendly platform to connect clients with our extensive network, boosting earned media coverage without the need for additional in-house PR specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got the questions, we’ve got the answers 🤔

❓ What is Press Hook, exactly?

By putting affordability and transparency first, Press Hook has created a platform where media proactively discover sources, businesses receive the resources they need to gain autonomy over their media relations, and PR maximizes client exposure, all at the same time.

👁 Why is it a good idea to join?

Press Hook offers an affordable and modern media relations option. With a record setting 5m+ new small businesses in the US in 2021 paired with the current economic climate, it is more important than ever for small businesses to stretch resources while continuing to make the most of press opportunities.

🤑 How much does it cost to be part of PH?

For Media, there’s no cost at all.

For Brands, these are our plans and pricing:



Industry professionals seeking additional exposure



Interactive tools to enhance agency outreach efforts

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