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Artis' Strategic Media and Makeup Mastery with Press Hook


"We depend on Press Hook to keep the Artis name and brand an omnipresent part of the beauty conversation in the press."



The Background

Utilizing Press Hook, Artis enhanced its visibility with rich brand imagery, expert insights from founder Matthew Waitesmith, and strategic press releases for new collections, securing widespread top-tier media coverage and solidifying their premium status in the beauty industry.


In less than 12 months, Press Hook generated...


Press placements

Multiple inclusions and expert commentary pieces at top tier publications in 12 months.


Sample Requests

Press Hook made it easier than ever to coordinate getting sample requests to media.



Total Reach

Cosmopolitan Forbes Harper's Bazaar Real Simple Who What Wear

Here’s how Artis did it:

Artis leveraged Press Hook's comprehensive platform to elevate their brand presence, from showcasing high-quality brand imagery through media profiles to utilizing expert commentary from their esteemed founder, Matthew Waitesmith, and capitalizing on the AI Press Release Generator. This strategic approach ensured Artis' premium offerings and innovative contributions were highlighted across top-tier publications, reinforcing their status in the beauty industry.


Accessible High Quality Brand Imagery

Leveraging Press Hook’s media profiles, Artis successfully curated a collection of high-quality, easily accessible brand imagery, ensuring media professionals had immediate access to a rich visual library. This strategic move amplified their visibility among top-tier publications, and made it easily accessible for media. This foundational step set the stage for Artis to showcase their premium makeup brushes' elegance and effectiveness, resonating deeply with their target audiences.


Leveraging Expertise with Expert Profiles

Through Press Hook's platform, Artis capitalized on expert profiles to share valuable insights and commentary from Matthew Waitesmith, the brand's founder. Waitesmith's extensive background as a veteran makeup artist and former SVP of Global Artist Training and Development at MAC Cosmetics provided a compelling narrative for media outlets. This strategic use of expert profiles facilitated meaningful engagements with top-tier publications, enriching their coverage with authoritative perspectives on beauty innovation and Artis’ unique contributions to the makeup industry.


Targeted Visibility via Press Release Generator

Utilizing Press Hook's AI-powered press release generator and expert team, Artis strategically announced their latest collections and brand expansions, efficiently reaching a wide audience. This tool enabled the rapid creation and dissemination of compelling news releases, ensuring timely and widespread exposure. The precision and effectiveness of this approach significantly contributed to securing coveted press coverage, spotlighting Artis’ innovations and solidifying their position as a leader in the premium makeup brush market. This step was instrumental in broadcasting Artis’ continuous evolution and commitment to excellence to both existing fans and new audiences alike.


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