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Create and house your media-ready press kit and brand profile for journalists to easily find and access. Press Hook gets your products in front of journalists for relevant stories in real time at a fraction of the traditional cost.

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Explore press-worthy brands and their press kits for free and on-demand through one convenient platform. Find exactly what you need, when you need it.

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Create and house media-ready press kits and brand profiles on behalf of your clients for journalists to easily find and access. Streamline your sample requests and trials digitally through our platform.

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“Press Hook is the leading digital destination where brands, media, and PR can all connect. It’s become my go-to for discovering new brands all while being seamlessly fed founder information, new product launches, high res photos, and most importantly samples. Having all of this in one place cuts down tons of time for me.”
Krista, Editor @ Esquire
“Press Hook provided a very easy and clear roadmap to start getting our name in front of media outlets and gaining awareness. They helped us to develop a digital media kit, which has proved invaluable in several occasions where we were introducing new parties to our brand.”
Trina, Founder @ The Phoenix Brand
“I cannot speak more highly of this team. They’ve done an amazing job pitching our brand and utilizing connections to get us placements.”
Lauren, Founder @ Romer Skincare
“I’ve already seen positive results after only a month. The Press Hook team is great!”
Val, Founder @ Klei Beauty
“Working with Press Hook has been super fun and we are all in shock at the top coverage you’ve been getting for us! It’s definitely paid off!”
Jim, Sales Manager @ Chantal Cookware
“Press Hook has been an amazing tool at our agency. We are able to connect easily with interested reporters who want to learn more about the brands we represent. We've built some meaningful reporter relationships and landed some great wins thanks to Press Hook! I highly recommend it!””
Ronica Cleary, Founder & Publicist @ Cleary Strategies
“I'm the editor for . I just started using your tool (and it’s AMAZING, literally a godsend)”
Jen-Ai, Publicist @ Blogilates
“We’ve all been impressed with the quality results to-date and it’s been less than a week.”
Colleen, Founder @ Coaction PR
“Having the awards listed on Press Hook is something that’s super helpful - for myself, focusing on beauty clients, there are SO many beauty awards every year that can sometimes go under our radar and having this section up to date is an important resource for me.”
Abbey Blakeman, Publicist @ Brandsway Creative
“I love how TPH makes requesting samples easy and encourages media people to try your awesome brands because you believe in them. Press Hook is a great place to easily find newer, less mainstream brands if you’re looking for products to feature.”
Karen, Editor @ Forbes Vetted

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