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Riding High: How DGK Leveraged Press Hook for Game-Changing Media Exposure


"To see goals set come to life is pretty amazing for DGK."



The Background

Press Hook and their expert team propelled DGK to new heights, securing prominent features for their limited edition collections, collaborations, and founder stories, alongside inclusion in top-tier publication roundups.


In less than 12 months, Press Hook generated...


Press placements

Multiple features and inclusions in top tier publications in 12 months.


Sample Requests

Press Hook made it easier than ever to coordinate getting sample requests to media.



Total Reach

Complex Esquire Forbes Real Simple

Here’s how DGK did it:

In this case study, we explore how DGK, in partnership with Press Hook and its expert team, navigated the media landscape to secure significant coverage for their limited edition collections and collaborations. Leveraging Press Hook's pitch generator, digital media kits, and AI Media List Generator, DGK crafted personalized pitches that resonated with the right audiences. This strategic approach not only spotlighted their unique product offerings but also highlighted founder stories and secured coveted spots in product roundups within top-tier publications. Through targeted sample distribution and effective use of Press Hook's platform, DGK amplified its brand visibility, engaging new and existing audiences with compelling narratives around skateboarding, culture, and innovation.


Robust Digital Media Kit

DGK harnessed the capabilities of Press Hook to assemble a comprehensive digital media kit. This pivotal resource, with premium images, in-depth brand insights, and product highlights, was finely tuned with carefully selected tags to boost discoverability. By integrating with key segments in Press Hook's guides, notably those spotlighting streetwear and skate culture, DGK ensured its dynamic narrative and distinct brand appeal were prominently accessible to the media. This strategic placement fostered heightened visibility and media interest in their niche market.


Customized Outreach Initiatives

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Press Hook's pitch generator and the expertise of their team, DGK created highly personalized pitches to promote their events and partnerships. With the help of the AI Media List Generator and dedicated support from Press Hook, DGK identified and engaged with key media contacts, ensuring their message reached the most relevant audiences. This tailored strategy facilitated precise exposure and interaction with the community they aimed to serve.


Amplifying Impact Through Strategic Sampling and Visibility

Press Hook's strategic framework for DGK focused on maximizing the impact of their digital media kits, notably incorporating direct sample shipments to journalists. This approach offered media professionals an up-close look at DGK's products, significantly enhancing the depth and authenticity of their coverage. Each time DGK secured media placement, they were promptly informed via notifications and dashboard insights, empowering them to celebrate and share these achievements widely across social media, newsletters, and additional marketing platforms. This method not only broadened their exposure but also amplified brand engagement with their audience.


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