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When you join Press Hook, you’ll use our guided templates to build a digital press kit for your brand.

Our team will then thoroughly review your profile. We make sure it’s media-friendly, and that you have all the right tags in place.

Our tags make your brand appear in search results, and match you to newsworthy topics and trends.

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While you get back to work, your brand is continuously pitched for press opportunities and targeted to industry-specific writers.

When a writer considers your brand for a story, they have everything they need at their fingertips. They can request a product for review, ask a question, or coordinate an interview with our in-platform sample request and messaging system to contact you directly.

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On your live PR Tracker, you can see us at work. View the live status of articles you're being considered for and track your sample requests all in one place. When you get a press hit - we’ll send you the article so you can track the backlinks.

You’ll also have a direct line to our Account Managers and can connect with our team via Office Hours, Community Slack Channels, Live Webinars, Clubhouse Rooms, Firesides and more.


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Access to Top Tier Media

We vet every journalist before welcoming them. Only writers from top quality publications will contact you, resulting in less wasted product, and the best coverage for your brand.

One Stop Shop

We are a one-stop destination to update your brand assets in real-time, send products in a moment’s notice, and pitch your news announcements to the right media.

No Expertise Needed

We are not just a platform, we are a team of public relations experts. We know the game and simplify the process of getting earned media coverage by showcasing you to our network.

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