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Choose your plan, setup your Brand Profile, and connect with the media in a matter of minutes. Press Hook helps you build relationships with media in your industry.

Become a PR expert with our guided, educational experience. Follow our built-in tooltips and helpful resources mean you learn the do’s and dont’s of pitching the media.

Use our AI tools to build a captivating Press Kit, then share it with thousands of journalists in our massive media database.

Fine-tune your PR strategy with real-time feedback from the media and live analytics on how your outreach is performing.

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Press Hook places brands in front of vetted, top tier journalists looking for sources, brands and products in real-time.









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Choose from our cost-effective pricing tiers and set up a brand profile featuring your AI-generated press kit optimized for media outreach.

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Proactively pitch top tier media and respond to media inquiries from journalists searching for specific products, brands or sources. Yes - on Press Hook - the media comes to you!

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Secure media coverage to increase brand exposure and validate your business, all at a much lower cost than using traditional PR.

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Build Long-term PR Relationships
Press Hook helps you build media relationships that last. Connect with journalists directly - never through an agency or publicist - and keep them in-the-know on all your news and updates.
Ease Your Load With a Streamlined Platform
Your one-stop-shop for updating brand assets, sending product samples to journalists, responding to media inquiries, pushing press releases, and pitching relevant media contacts.
Simplified PR with Expert Guidance
Not just a platform, Press Hook equips you with PR expertise and connects you directly with relevant journalists. No pricey retainers. No media gatekeeping. We’re all about transparency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got the questions, we’ve got the answers 🤔

❓ What is Press Hook, exactly?

By putting affordability and transparency first, Press Hook has created a platform where media proactively discover sources, businesses receive the resources they need to gain autonomy over their media relations, and PR maximizes client exposure, all at the same time.

👁 Why is it a good idea to join?

Press Hook offers an affordable and modern media relations option. With a record setting 5m+ new small businesses in the US in 2021 paired with the current economic climate, it is more important than ever for small businesses to stretch resources while continuing to make the most of press opportunities.

🤑 How much does it cost to be part of PH?

For Media, there’s no cost at all.

For Brands, these are our plans and pricing:



Connect and Collaborate with a Network of Media



Hands Off: Maximize Your Brand's Potential by Working with One of Our Experienced Publicists

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