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Dinner Service NY Lands Top Tier Coverage in the Fashion and Sustainability Sector with Press Hook


""PR was essential for our brand, and Press Hook helped us centralize our press materials. Having a partner like Press Hook to help us test things out, get feedback, and pivot has been very useful.""


Dinner Service NY:

The Background

Press Hook has significantly boosted Dinner Service NY's media presence at top tier publications, spotlighting their plant-based fiber collections in collaborations with musicians and artists.


In less than Six Months, Press Hook generated...


Press placements

Multiple features and inclusions in top tier publications in just 6 months.


Sample Requests

Press Hook made it easier than ever to coordinate getting sample requests to media.



Total Reach

Business Insider Complex Reviewed - USA Today WWD

Here’s how Dinner Service NY did it:

Press Hook has been instrumental in amplifying Dinner Service NY's visibility in the media, emphasizing their plant-based fiber collections designed in collaboration with musicians and artists. In addition to promoting the brand's sustainable initiatives and founder's story, Press Hook has been pivotal in securing coverage for their limited edition drops. This strategic exposure has led to prominent features and inclusions in top tier publications, showcasing Dinner Service NY's innovative approach to eliminating harmful materials from fashion and their commitment to environmental health through limited production and the use of upcycled, plant-based fibers.


Centralized Digital Media Kit

Dinner Service NY leveraged Press Hook to develop an engaging digital media kit. This kit, rich with high-quality images, detailed brand information, and product samples, was optimized with strategic tags to enhance visibility. By aligning with relevant categories in Press Hook's guides, such as those focusing on sustainability and fashion, the brand ensured its compelling story and unique value proposition were easily accessible to the media, driving increased attention and coverage in their targeted sectors.


Highly Personalized Pitch Campaigns

Utilizing Press Hook's pitch generator and expert team service, Dinner Service NY crafted tailored pitches to announce their initiatives. The AI Media List Generator and Press Hook Team were able to pinpoint relevant media contacts and carry out strategic communication with leading outlets. This personalized approach ensured targeted visibility and engagement with their ideal audience.


Secure Samples and Coverage

Press Hook's approach centered on leveraging its digital media kits, which included the option for direct sample shipping to media. This strategy provided journalists with firsthand experience of Dinner Service NY's offerings, enriching their coverage. Following each media placement, Dinner Service NY received notifications and dashboard updates, enabling them to amplify their media wins across social media, newsletters, and other marketing channels for broader brand visibility and engagement.


"Press Hook has been great about being flexible with changes. They understand our brand nuances and pitch stories customized for different media outlets. It's been such a great partnership."


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