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Angel for Fashion

Discover, shop and personally support the Ukrainian fashion industry


Date Established 04/2022
Founder Jen Sidary
Headquarters Las Vegas, NV
Press Contact Jen Sidary


Brain -  KOFTA
Brain - KOFTA $595.00
Eye - KOFTA $695.00
Jeans - BOBKOVA $295.00


ANGELFORASHION.COM is a place for you to discover, shop and personally support the Ukrainian fashion industry. You can find new content and styles as you discover the creations of each amazing brand. You’ll get to know each designer and develop a personal emotional connection to their work. Many of you have been watching the courage and strength of the Ukrainian people as they resist and uphold their strong values. They’re here to introduce you to another amazing force within Ukraine: their phenomenal fashion industry. They are inspiring, courageous and you will see their values reflected in their creations.

Now more than ever these brands need Angels like you. AFF was created to mobilize the global fashion community and ensure Ukrainian fashion continues to thrive. As you explore each brand on ANGELFORFASHION.COM understands they want you to fall in love with each designer and become an Angel for Fashion.

Their goal is for you to buy a piece of their heart that lies within every stitch of clothing, so please shop with confidence knowing you are supporting these companies with your purchase as the money goes directly to support the brand and their creative employees.

Discover, desire, connect, and enjoy the innovative Ukrainian fashion industry. Become a fan for life, so they can all continue to have freedom prevail forever.


L'Officiel Ukraine - May 10, 2022 В Америці відкрили платформу Angel For Fashion, спеціально для українських дизайнерів "У США свою роботу розпочала платформа Angel for Fashion, яка має на меті підтримати українську фешн-індустрію. На сайті представлено понад 30 національних брендів. Також користувачі можуть ознайомитися з історією модної марки, переглянути її останні кампейни й, звичайно, зробити замовлення. Доставку Angel for Fashion зробили безкоштовною по всьому світу, окрім росії та білорусі."
FOOTWEARNEWS - Apr 14, 2022 A New E-Commerce Site Is Giving Ukrainian Fashion Brands Unexpected Opportunity at a Critical Time "As Russia’s assault on Ukraine continues, many businesses are struggling to stay afloat, with day-to-day operations hampered and production and shipping limited across the country."
GLOSSY - Apr 14, 2022 We need concrete actions’: Ukrainian designers speak out on the challenge of relocating "The Russian invasion of Ukraine had an immediate impact on the fashion industries in both nations. Ukrainian designers were forced to flee their homes and many global brands pulled all of their operations in Russia."
The Guardian - Apr 10, 2022 ‘Economy wins wars’: the projects helping shoppers to support Ukraine "Fashion designers, artists and businesses hope to harness consumer power and keep industry afloat"
Vogue Greece - Apr 07, 2022 Angel For Fashion: Η on-line πλατφόρμα που στηρίζει Ουκρανούς σχεδιαστές "Μια πρωτοβουλία με στόχο να τοποθετήσει την ουκρανική μόδα στον παγκόσμιο χάρτη, κάνοντας την φωνή νέων δημιουργών να ακουστεί δυνατά." - Apr 06, 2022 Angel for Fashion, la plateforme qui fait rayonner la mode ukrainienne dans le monde "(ETX Daily Up) - Avec la plateforme de e-commerce Angel for Fashion, Jen Sidary souhaite soutenir l'industrie de la mode ukrainienne, et la faire connaître aux quatre coins du monde. Pas moins de trente créateurs et maisons sont aujourd'hui à l'honneur, avec la possibilité de découvrir chacune leurs collections et de se procurer certaines de leurs pièces les plus emblématiques. Une façon de mobiliser la population mondiale, et de permettre aux acteurs du secteur de prospérer malgré l'invasion russe."
Ehandel - Apr 05, 2022 Ny e-handel ska lyfta ukrainska designers – skickar inte till Ryssland "Nätbutiken Angel for Fashion har sett dagens ljus. Det är en ny e-handel och marknadsplats som ska lyfta ukrainska designers, detta rapporterar bland annat New York Times. Grundare är Jen Sidary som har tidigare erfarenhet från exempelvis nätbutiken Zappos."
WWD - Apr 05, 2022 Fashion World Ramps Up Ukraine Relief Efforts "Forty days after Russia invaded Ukraine, representatives of the fashion industry are supporting or creating initiatives to try to help the country’s designers and people."
The New York Times - Apr 05, 2022 An E-Commerce Site for Ukrainian Fashion "Angel for Fashion hopes to bring Ukrainian designs to customers all over the world — except Russia."
VOGUE CZ Voices of Ukrajina: Snažím se využít každou vteřinu svého života k něčemu užitečnému "Tým Vogue Czechoslovakia úzce spolupracuje s ukrajinskou redakcí a jejími přáteli, abychom vám přinesli bezprostřední slova těch, kterých se válka přímo dotýká. V nejnovějším dílu série rozhovorů #VoicesofUkrajina mluví módní návrhář Ivan Frolov o tom, jak se ze dne na den proměnila jeho práce i každodenní život. A zmiňuje úsilí LGBTQ+ komunity a potřebu podpory Ukrajiny ve válečných podmínkách."


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