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Sweatshirt with handmade heart embroidery (threads) - FROLOV


Sweatshirt with handmade heart embroidery (threads) - FROLOV


100% cotton

All proceeds from the sale of sweatshirts will be donated to the “Masha Foundation” to help children affected by the war.

Each sweatshirt has its own unique number.

Made in Ukraine.

Handcrafted. Hand-wash only with water temperature not exceeding 30°c with similar colors or dry cleaning

FROLOV is a couture-to-wear brand that combines flawlessness and comfort, intelligence and provocation, social responsibility and serenity. It originates at the heart of Kyiv, where it was founded back in 2015 by Ivan Frolov – designer and now a creative director of the brand.

Right now FROLOV produces several clothing lines: women's couture-to-wear, unisex (which is called STUD), and a wedding line, FROLOV bridal. FROLOV looks are worn by Doja Cat, Gwen Stefani, Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, Demi Lovato.

The aesthetics of FROLOV pieces include corsetry, only lux fabrics and detailed embellishments. The elastic mesh helps to create a perfect fit and special crystals do not cling to the fabric. One of the key features of the brand are customizing the clothes for the unique measurements of each client.

FROLOV is for people who love to express themselves in their own unique way, who love to experiment, who empower their sexuality and treat their looks not just as a piece of clothes, but as a powerful statement.