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Riri lime suede platform boots - KACHOROVSKA


Riri lime suede platform boots - KACHOROVSKA


A superstar among shoes, they are named Riri in honor of singer Rihanna. Cult updated shoes with laces on a rough sole made of thermal rubber (TR). Thermal rubber is much lighter than other shoe materials, less slippery, has good cushioning and has a high degree of frost resistance. We were very responsible in choosing the pad, so the shape of the sock and all the curves beautifully emphasize the lines of the foot. In this model, we added leather laces to the skin tone of the top. We recommend wearing this pair without lacing to the end, and leave free a few holes on top. The model is full-size (we recommend taking your usual size), fits a wide foot and a high rise.

Kachorovska established in 1957

Combining more than a half-century experience in handmade shoemaking and modern technologies, Kachorovska atelier has perfectly fulfilled hundreds of various individual orders. Thus we mastered the art of the perfect fitting shoe, eleveted our skills and style, experimented with forms, lines, and materials.

We gained invaluable experience, so please welcome - professionalism of our masters and the best materials at your service.

Since 2013, we release our own model line of shoes and handbags - the result of our searches, work and inspiration. This is a comfortable, temperate design, self-sufficient classic with unexpected accents and natural materials. All models are available for sale online and in Kachorovska stores.

The company's mission is to give people the experience of happiness. Now Kachorovska has three stores, two in Kyiv, one in Odessa, an online store that sells goods in more than 30 countries all over the world and its own production in Zhytomyr. The company has more than 180 employees. Kachorovska is an independent brand based on a true story, since 1957 with 60 years of hand manucrafting and experience.

Brand sells selected fashion models direct-to-consumer made of high quality raw materials.

Both, design and production are located in Ukraine. OR all designs as well as production are done in Ukraine.

Kachorovska is a niche Ukrainian brand about affordable luxury and timeless shoes.