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Travel/Sample Set


Travel/Sample Set


Strengthen, Repair, Detox, this luxurious travel-sample set includes:

1 X Velvet: 08 Broadway Bright Detox Mask (5ml): An 8-minute polish for skin as smooth as velvet. Regular use also helps slow the re-growth of “peach fuzz” (fine, facial hair). Product build-up, pollution, congestion, and excess sebum lead to clogged pores making it difficult for your skin to “breathe” and recover. 8-minutes with Velvet: 08 Broadway Bright, leaves the skin feeling purified, clearer and smoother.

1 X Precious Potion Vital Cream (5ml): The Amrutini® Precious Potion Vital Cream fuses rare, regional ingredients from the Indian sub-continent, such as golden Muga silk (known for its resilience and exquisite luster) and Makaibari Silver Tips Imperial tea, along with powerful scientific processes like biotransformation - to strengthen, nourish and revitalize the skin.


Key Ingredients

Liquefied Muga Silk

Rare in form, Muga Silk has regenerative and healing properties, that even lend themselves for use in surgical procedures. The silk has been liquefied and incorporated into the Amrutini® line.

Makaibari Silver Tips Imperial Tea

Iconic in nature, Makaibari Tea Leaves have been biotransformed to enhance the concentration and efficacy of the botanical, while making it more easily assimilated by the skin.

Vegan Ghee and Copper

Traditional in its essence, Ghee has regenerating and anti-aging characteristics along with anti-inflammatory properties when combined with Copper.

Ashwagandha ("Indian Ginseng")

Powerful in its properties, Ashwagandha tree has elements that strengthen and rejuvenate.

Thanaka Wood

Transformative in its form, the bark of the Thanaka tree has powerful properties to purify and tighten your skin. With regular use, it is also known to gently diminish the regrowth of facial hair.

Marigold Extract

Ritualistic in its use, Marigold extract possesses a strong antiseptic agent known to reduce blemishes and soothe the skin.

Palash Extract

Powerful in its nature, Palash, known as the flame of the forest, is rich in sulfur, and has cleansing and detoxifying properties.

Hydrolyzed Cellulose

Purposeful in its creation, this clean, green technology uses water in its super-critical state to extract cellulose - essential building blocks in nature. The cellulose and lignin thus derived is known to reduce sebum and promote cell turnover.