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Founder Peter Ibrahim & Hebru Brantley
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The Old G Gin is a distinguished brand in the spirits industry, renowned for its exceptional quality and commitment to inclusivity and diversity. As a minority-owned enterprise, The Old G stands out for its dedication to representing underrepresented communities, not only through its branding but also in its business practices and community engagements.

Crafted with precision and care, The Old G Gin boasts a unique flavor profile that sets it apart in the premium spirits category. Its botanical blend is meticulously selected to offer a smooth and bold taste, suitable for savoring neat, on the rocks, or with a simple mixer, providing a versatile experience for gin enthusiasts.

With a deep-rooted mission to inspire and enable human interaction through storytelling and community building, The Old G Gin embodies the spirit of the OGs - those experienced, storied, and wise individuals who are pillars of their communities. The brand's ethos is about celebrating these figures, their experiences, and their contributions to culture and society.

The Old G Gin's commitment to excellence is evident in its production process, using only the highest quality ingredients and adhering to the prestigious London Dry method. The result is a gin that not only delights the palate but also resonates with a message of empowerment and unity.

As The Old G continues to expand its reach, it remains focused on creating moments that bring people together, championing diversity, and fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation for the rich tapestry of stories and experiences that shape our world.

The Old G Gin is the brainchild of visionary founders Peter Ibrahim and Hebru Brantley, who bring their unique expertise and passion to the forefront of this distinguished brand. Peter Ibrahim, with his rich experience in the spirits industry and a staunch commitment to diversity and inclusion, collaborates with Hebru Brantley, a renowned artist celebrated for his dynamic storytelling and cultural insights.

Founding Story

Peter Ibrahim's pursuit to craft a gin that could be savored neat or on the rocks, reflecting his personal preference for spirits, was the catalyst for a significant journey in the world of gin creation. Despite his vast experience managing various gin brands, Peter found that none matched his ideal of a smooth, warm gin. This gap in the market spurred him to experiment with different formulas, aiming to create a gin that stood out for its smoothness and drinkability.

During his work on a project for one of the world's leading gin brands, Peter's path intersected with Hebru Brantley, a renowned artist celebrated for his vibrant and narrative-rich artwork. Their collaboration on designing a custom limited edition bottle evolved into a profound partnership as they shared their experiences in their respective fields, discovering a mutual feeling of underrepresentation in the spirits industry. This shared sentiment, coupled with the realization that many others felt the same lack of representation, became the foundation of their joint venture.

Peter and Hebru envisioned The Old G Gin as a brand that would resonate with diverse communities, offering a sense of identity and belonging. They recognized a significant audience longing for a brand that mirrored their own stories and cultural backgrounds. Thus, The Old G Gin was born, marrying Peter's expertise in the spirits industry with Hebru's exceptional creative vision. Their mission was to create more than just a gin; they aimed to establish a brand that celebrated diversity, inclusivity, and the richness of various cultures, providing a representative and meaningful choice for communities seeking a spirit that truly spoke to them.


The Old G Gin
The Old G Gin $34.99

Team Bios

Peter Ibrahim, who relocated from Egypt to London at the tender age of five, initially envisioned a career as a sports agent, blending his passion for professional soccer with a law degree. His trajectory, however, veered towards the spirited world of alcoholic beverages, sparking a newfound zeal.

Peter's journey in the beverage industry has been marked by a steadfast commitment to advocating for minority communities. Over a 15-year span, he observed a glaring diversity gap and fewer opportunities for Black and ethnic minorities in the U.S. beverage sector, prompting him to champion inclusivity and representation.

His extensive career encompasses pivotal roles in sales, brand management, and experiential marketing. At MillerCoors, Peter emphasized diversity, especially in managing the brand’s sports sponsorships in Florida. He made a significant mark with the launch of D'usse, a minority-owned cognac brand, a collaboration between Bacardi and Jay-Z's Rocnation, where he oversaw experiential marketing.

Peter's tenure at Pernod Ricard was notable for his contributions to expanding markets for Jameson Irish whiskey and Olmeca Altos tequila in key U.S. states. His leadership in Bacardi's Gin portfolio, particularly with Bombay Sapphire and Oxley, highlighted his commitment to diversity, choosing ambassadors from minority backgrounds.

Later, managing Bacardi's single malt whiskey portfolio, Peter continued to nurture brand individuality while emphasizing diversity and inclusion.

Embarking on the launch of a new gin, Peter's dedication to excellence, inclusivity, and addressing industry disparities shines through, as he aims to inspire broader acceptance and diversity in the beverage industry.

Hebru Brantley is a prominent artist known for his distinct and vibrant artistry that merges various styles and cultural elements. His work often explores themes of hope, heroism, and the human experience through his characters FLYBOY and LIL MAMA, which have become iconic in contemporary art. Brantley's influence extends beyond the canvas, with his art gaining recognition in esteemed publications like CNN, the Chicago Tribune, Forbes, and Complex Magazine, among others.

His art has captivated a broad array of collectors, including notable figures like LeBron James, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and George Lucas. Brantley's collaboration with major brands such as Nike, Hublot, and Adidas showcases his ability to transcend traditional art boundaries, making his mark in various creative sectors.

In 2019, Brantley unveiled an immersive fine art installation in Chicago, drawing over 23,000 attendees and offering a unique interactive experience centered around his narrative-driven characters. Now based in Los Angeles, he continues to expand his creative horizons into film, TV, and other media through his company, Angry Hero, further establishing the FLYBOY Universe. His foray into content creation includes a short film released on Netflix in 2022.

With a B.A. in Film from Clark Atlanta University and a background in Design and Media Illustration, Brantley's diverse skill set enables him to explore and innovate across various artistic mediums, continually captivating audiences with his storytelling and visual artistry.


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