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Mermaid Straw

A mission based organization focused on the reduction of single use plastics through offering fun and stylish reusable alternatives, community action, and education


Date Established 07/2018
Founder Lisa & Adam Harrington
Headquarters Valparaiso, IN
Home, Sustainability
Press Contact Lisa Harrington


Mermaid Cup
Mermaid Cup $30.00
Siren Cup
Siren Cup $30.00
Bubblegum Cup
Bubblegum Cup $30.00
Lavender Cup
Lavender Cup $30.00
Mint Cup
Mint Cup $30.00
Sky Blue Cup
Sky Blue Cup $30.00
White Cup
White Cup $30.00
Mermaid Bottle
Mermaid Bottle $40.00
Siren Bottle
Siren Bottle $40.00
Bubblegum Bottle
Bubblegum Bottle $40.00
Lavender Bottle
Lavender Bottle $40.00
Mint Bottle
Mint Bottle $40.00
Sky Blue Bottle
Sky Blue Bottle $40.00
White Bottle
White Bottle $40.00


Mermaid Straw offers the highest quality, fun and stylish eco-friendly alternatives to single use plastic straws, cups, bottles, utensils, and more.

Mermaid Straw is dedicated to educating others on the effects single use plastic is having on the environment and wildlife. They hope to inspire and empower people to live a more sustainable, plastic free lifestyle so they can lower their footprint on the environment and help save our lakes, rivers, oceans and all the animals that call them home.

Founding Story

In a land far, far away (cough, Australia, cough) co-founders Lisa & Adam met and began the love story of a lifetime. Inseparable since day one, they have had quite the adventure! Engaged two months into dating, they knew this was a love that would stand the test of time. Life threw them a curve ball when Lisa got sick with a chronic illness called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) in 2017, leaving her bedridden for over a year. During that time, Lisa experienced extreme loss, fear and doubt but was determined to not let it take her down. One night in July 2018, she had a dream about creating Mermaid Straw. She woke up the next morning and got right to work. Within two weeks, they had their first sale and knew they were onto something. Through working to heal the planet, Lisa began healing herself. While she still has hard days, life is full of purpose and worth every minute. Now happily married for over 12 years, Lisa & Adam are beyond grateful for the response their mission has gained and for the ability to live their passions every day.

Team Bios

Adam Harrington

Co-founder & COO

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G’day, I’m Adam, Co-founder & COO of Mermaid Straw. I'm from a small town about an hour south of Sydney, Australia. I have a big family back home with 4 brothers and 3 sisters. I spent my childhood outdoors, surfing, riding BMX, playing soccer, going for bush walks, etc. Being outdoors so much led me to grow, not only a respect for nature, but a LOVE for nature. I’m an ocean lover, an animal lover, a drummer, a traveler, and a guy who is madly in love with his American girl and furchildren, Dex and Storm.

Lisa Harrington

Co-founder & CEO

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Yo! I'm Lisa, Co-founder & CEO of Mermaid Straw. I'm an extroverted introvert that loves cats, puzzles, being weird, and working (yep, you read that right). I'm an empath and highly intuitive. In fact, I had a dream about starting Mermaid Straw and I'm so thankful I stuck with that intuition! I have a chronic illness called POTS and am an advocate for fellow Spoonie warriors. I have a deep passion for doing what's right for our planet. And last but certainly not least, I am forever obsessed with my husband of over 13 years, Adam, and our two kitties, Dex & Storm.



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