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More dream, less screen with this high-tech alarm clock


Date Established 01/2020
Founder Matt Hassett
Headquarters New York City
Home, Tech
Press Contact Sara Spiegel, With Sara PR


Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock $149.00
The Mysteries  of Sleep
The Mysteries of Sleep $39.00
Loftie Lamp
Loftie Lamp $275.00
Flowers with Powers Puzzle
Flowers with Powers Puzzle $35.00
Dark Dots
Dark Dots $10.00


The Loftie Clock is a revolutionary take on your morning alarm, designed to get the phone out of the bedroom. Complete with a dimmable display, nightlight, two-phase alarm, and custom content playable right on the device – including guided meditations, sound baths, breathwork exercises, sleep playlists, plus a variety of relaxing sounds. What’s equally important though, is everything it doesn’t do: Connect to your email, apps, and social media, with all the anxiety they bring along. Winding down and waking up with Loftie helps keep tech and life in balance.

Since launching on IndieGogo last year, Loftie has sold thousands of units; it was recognized in Real Simple’s 2021 Sleep Awards, Fast Company's Home Innovation Awards, was the 2020 holiday gift of choice for the Reddit staff; and it's available in the Goop Shop, Huckberry, Amazon, as well as MOMA design store. 

Founding Story

Matt Hassett, Founder of Lofite, has always been an entrepreneur. In 2019, he began working on the project that eventually became Loftie at the design firm IDEO where he was an Entrepreneur in Residence. He participated in studies that promoted a healthier lifestyle, like digital detoxing and sakara diets.  At the same time, he noticed his friends and colleagues doing things like deleting Instagram for the weekend, only to reinstate it again on Monday. 

Matt couldn’t escape this trending desire for tech/life balance, so he started brainstorming solutions. After a few flawed attempts, an app that sent rewards for reduced screen time and a digital detox kit filled with health/wellness brands, Matt collected enough market research and feedback to hone in on one object that would be most helpful to consumers: the alarm clock.

Taking the knowledge he gained, he applied the IDEO research methodology to conduct studies on actual consumers sleeping and waking habits, while also working with specialists within the breathwork and meditation sphere to create the most intuitive and reliable product possible. The result is Lofite, a smart device that doesn’t rely on a smartphone, a revolutionary take on your morning alarm designed to get the phone out of the bedroom. 

Team Bios

Matt Hassett has been an entrepreneur since birth, starting with the creation of a school-led newspaper in childhood. After graduating from Brown University and Harvard Kennedy School, Matt worked in communications, policy, and program design at the Center for NYC Neighborhoods, Morgan Stanley’s Global Sustainable Finance group, and the City of New York.

He began working on the project that eventually became Loftie at the design firm IDEO where he was an Entrepreneur in Residence. In 2020, Loftie was officially launched.







Finally switched from a regular alarm clock and not looking back. love the different sounds to fall asleep to and the different options on the awake tone for the alarm, softer and easier to wake up!

Jennifer S

Love love love this product! The sounds are super peaceful and love waking up to a peaceful sound rather than my iPhone bullhorn. I sleep way better since using my Loftie

Shelby K

Great product - replaced my annoying iPhone alarm with this and loving my mornings now

Kenneth A.

The best designed alarm click out right now. I enjoy the different wake and sleep sounds, decent volume output, diffused night light, and the crisp screen. I can now stop using my phone as my alarm and keep it on the charger way from the side of my bed. Thanks!

Joseph H.


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