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Byrne & Bittle

Luxurious yet livable childrenswear brand


Date Established 09/2021
Founder Kristen Callahan
Headquarters New York
Press Contact Kristen Callahan


Byrne & Bittle is a luxury baby and children’s clothing brand that encapsulates the whimsical world of children in a refined, sophisticated way. The curated collection focuses on super soft fabrics and special details for ages 3 months to 6 years. Little girls’ styles are meant for tea parties in the garden. Boys’ styles have a relaxed, yet traditional feel. Baby clothing is classic, meant for comfort of everyday napping but ready for an impromptu visit from family. Byrne & Bittle works with the top fabric mills in Italy and the world, and uses expert sourcing for their signature soft textiles. Byrne & Bittle has all the makings of a top luxury fashion brand built on a foundation of playfulness and nostalgia.

Founding Story

Based in New York City, the brand’s founder, Kristen Callahan, recognized a need in the US for sophisticated and stylish children’s clothing. For Kristen, becoming a mother reinvigorated this playful, imaginative world; a world that you want your children to live in - like playing in a secret garden, setting up a tea party in a field, or running through pastures with horses. She drew inspiration from her childhood growing up in Tennessee, her travels to the European countryside, and her time spent in and around New York City to create a collection that represented this feeling she wanted to capture - something elevated, a bit nostalgic, yet whimsical. Utilizing her know-how from a career working for some of the top luxury fashion houses in the world (Celine, Alaïa), she curated a collection of elevated childrenswear that’s luxurious, yet comfortable and meant to be lived (and played) in.


Madeline Blouse
Madeline Blouse $65.00
Floral Smocked Dress
Floral Smocked Dress $95.00
Corduroy Suspender Skirt
Corduroy Suspender Skirt $70.00
Boys Technical Cashmere Jacket
Boys Technical Cashmere Jacket $180.00
Floral Ruffle Blouse
Floral Ruffle Blouse $85.00
Jacquard Pinafore Dress
Jacquard Pinafore Dress $85.00
The Soft Polo
The Soft Polo $55.00
The Printed Collar Baby Body
The Printed Collar Baby Body $55.00
Broderie Dress
Broderie Dress $95.00
Broderie Top
Broderie Top $85.00
Jacquard Collar Baby Body
Jacquard Collar Baby Body $55.00
Boys Corduroy Trouser
Boys Corduroy Trouser $60.00
Bloomers $55.00
Bow Bauble
Bow Bauble $75.00
Pinafore Dress
Pinafore Dress $85.00
Smocked Dress
Smocked Dress $95.00
Boys Trouser
Boys Trouser $60.00
Floral Bloomers
Floral Bloomers $38.00
Lace Body
Lace Body $50.00
Classic Collar Onesie
Classic Collar Onesie $55.00

Team Bios


Kristen Callahan


see bio

Kristen Callahan has over 10+ years of experience working in the luxury fashion world for some of the top brands in the world within the Richemont and LVMH companies. She is currently Director of Sales of the Americas at the renowned French-based maison Alaïa, and prior to that, managed the American wholesale business for Celine. In earlier years, she also gained experience working at brands such as Michael Kors, Roberto Cavalli and Partow. As a result, she has an expansive knowledge of the business side of fashion; such as strategy, merchandising, collection development and wholesale partnership management.

Kristen created Byrne & Bittle out of a passion after becoming a mother. She was inspired to create a brand for which she had a clear vision; a brand that had heirloom quality, luxurious clothing for children with a feeling of the whimsical, imaginative world that so beautifully comes to life in the presence of children.  






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