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The Hammock Throne


The Hammock Throne


Created to help enjoy a full-body hammock experience anywhere you want. It's designed to look great in homes, but made with the durability to live outdoors. Tuck the Hammock Throne into a quiet corner, make it the centerpiece of any living space or bring it outdoors for the summer!

At the base the Swivel creates flexibility so you can gaze out the window or snuggle up to watch your favorite show... And the glide is so smooth it feels like magic.

Weather out all storm with solution-dyed performance yarn, the gold standard for outdoor fabric - 100% weather safe and UV-resistant. The Hammock Throne's metal elements are powder-coated using Akzonobel (the super-tough coating they use to protect the Siberian gas pipelines from the elements).



Hanging Height - 64.2"

Hanging Width - 46.6"

Base Diameter - 46.0"

Total Height - 67.3'