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The Puppington - The It Bag for Dog Parents


The Puppington - The It Bag for Dog Parents


Introducing the Puppington - the dog parent “It Bag” that goes from Office to Off Leash!

Tired of juggling multiple items while trying to keep your beloved pup happy and well-behaved during walks?

Lighten the load with the Puppington bag, your perfect pup walking companion. Experience true freedom with our dog parent belt bag, allowing you to focus on helping your dog stay calm and well-behaved. Designed for stress-free living and unforgettable memories with your pup.

The Puppington bag has an integrated stain-resistant treat pocket and poop bag holder, rewarding good behavior and responsibly managing waste become effortless tasks.

Embrace the freedom to live your life without the hassle of constantly holding onto your belongings. With the Puppington bag, you can focus on making the most of every moment, knowing your essentials are securely stored and easily accessible while you and your pup enjoy life to the fullest!

The Puppington bag is designed by a duo of New York and Texas dog moms to be the "It Bag" for dog parents.



+ Hands-free convenience helps you keep your pup calm and focused.

+ Integrated easy-clean treat pocket for easy rewards and training sessions.

+ Stylish, flexible design transitions seamlessly from walks to daily life.

+ Discrete poop bag dispenser and dedicated inner poop bag holder for responsible waste management on-the-go.

+ Durable, water resistant and easy-to-clean materials withstand an active lifestyle.

+ Designed by dog parents for dog parents to be the go-to bag for office, gym, errands, festivals and social life.

+ Versatile form and function

+ Wear it as a stylish hip pack or crossbody bag / shoulder bag.

+ Carry it your way for any occasion or activity.

+ Effortless organization with multiple separate pockets to keep your essentials organized and accessible.