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Clean • Vegan • Zero No-Nos

The 1st to create skincare in our lab, not at a 3rd party contract manufacturer, to address midlife skin with better formulations & superior ingredients at a better-for-you price.

● Helps build skin back

● Deeply hydrates hormone-depleted skin

● Provides molecular nutrition for skin health recovery

● As seen in Health Magazine | Best in Skin Award

● Due to popular demand, our 30ml Serum is SOLD OUT - We are temporarily offering two (2) 15ml Serums for $56 (a $68 Value)When is my pre-order for the 1 oz. Serum expected to arrive?As you know, we are quickly preparing your products to ship. Your shipment should be in the mail within the next 6 to 8 weeks. If you have any questions please reach out to or 808-468-5088.



1 oz - $56

0.5 oz - $34

Resist & Lift

Stimulates Hyaluronic Acid (HA) production (HA = Fountain of Youth key skin molecule). Ever wonder how to enhance collagen production in skin? Our spectrum of HA's quickly work to help make skin (and eyes) behave and look younger through healthier skin that builds itself back up. An all-in-one anti-aging firming, lifting, hydrating serum for the face, around the eyes, neck, chest, hand areas.

Age awesome skincare. Transforms your skin. Get your skin healthy. Help stop wrinkles in their tracks.

Simply Apply & Dry

Apply one to two dropperfuls morning and night after cleansing. We are serious when we say to apply the skin firming serum twice a day; otherwise, those unique regenerative skin-building hyaluronic acid benefits may never happen.

More Information

Apply before other serums, retinols or a moisturizer, or facial oil. After using Caire's serum for smooth skin you may elect not to use a moisturizer depending on your skin type.

Use the multi-molecular hyaluronic serum s on the face, neck, chest, and/or back of hands and wherever else you feel the need.

Eye-vantage: Pat gently around eyes but don’t miss the undereye, eyelid, and all around. Feeding this ocular area is a win. Because with consistent use, you can help lift up sags and bags around the eye area - one of the top skin concerns from hormone-caused aging.

1 oz | 30ml Serum - 1 month supply, used twice daily (based on 1 dropper per use).

0.5 oz | 15ml Serum - 1/2 month supply, used twice daily (based on 1 dropper per use).