SunLux Skincare Creates ILLUMINOUS Body Glow Highlighter A beautiful summer's glow, without the sunburn
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Despite being a relatively new brand with 18 months under its belt, SunLux Skincare looks set to disrupt the sun care sector in the skincare industry by raising awareness around all types of Skin Cancer, along with teaching its customers safe sun practices. With a handful of "Beauty Shortlist Awards" collected in 2021 and 2022, SunLux seems to be off to a great start since its launch date. The USA-based cosmetics brand was launched by former NFL San Diego Chargers cheerleader and cosmetic formulator, Robin Wayman, in November 2020. Inspired by her personal experience with Basal Cell Carcinoma skin cancer, SunLux skincare products were formulated to help others, just like her, who are looking for solutions to repair their sun-damaged skin.

SunLux Skincare's newest product, ILLUMINOUS, offers its customers the ability to have a summer's glow all over their body, without sunburn. By educating its customers and community about the danger from UVA & UVB rays, SunLux teaches sun protection without sacrificing a life outdoors.

The categories of products offered by SunLux Skincare include a premium quality sunscreen, along with moisturizers, oils, serums, scrubs, and a host of others. The versatility and comprehensiveness of the beauty and skincare products from SunLux makes the company the go-to solutions provider for all beauty needs.

About SunLux

Sun damage is their specialty! Award winning, SunLux Skincare is a high-antioxidant/high-performance skincare brand focused on repairing the skin after sun damage. Meticulously blended, and carefully sourced ingredients locally and internationally to create the highest quality sunscreens, moisturizers, oils, serums, scrubs and more to bring out your healthiest possible skin. 

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High antioxidant skincare, helping to repair your skin after sun damage