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Date Established 01/2020
Founder Jenni Morse
Headquarters Orange County, CA
Home, Beverage, Food, Health & Wellness
Press Contact jenni morse


Simpli Press
Simpli Press $79.99


Made Simpli is a product innovation company embarking on a mission to enhance our lives through products that add ease and bliss to our everyday rituals and routines.

The driving force behind Made Simpli is better design approach, daily ritual enhancement, inspiration, and making an impact.

Through the innovation of high-quality and sustainable products, Made Simpli is able to give back 10% of profit to women in the coffee industry, as well as those involved in STEM and entrepreneurship programs.

Founding Story

Inspired by the trailblazing footsteps of her late father, Jenni Morse was able to realize her dream of product-based entrepreneurship. Consequently, Made Simpli was born–offering outstanding kitchen products for everyday coffee lovers.

As an everyday coffee-loving woman, Jenni knew there had to be a quicker and easier way to enjoy French press. She began her mission to discover a strategy that combines richness, clarity, and full-bodied flavor, all in one place without a messy cleanup.

Jenni's father was an inventor and an entrepreneur—and the first person to show her that her dream of owning a product-based business was possible. His passing made her realize that life is short. Now is the time to give back and make an impact. Experimenting for years, she sought to create an innovative French press that brings out all of those great coffee characteristics, without the grit and the messy grounds removal.

There has to be a way to get the richness of an espresso, the flavor clarity and smoothness of a pour-over, and the body of a French press from one device and without a messy cleanup, she remembered thinking. So Simpli Press was born.

By purchasing Simpli Press, buyers help fund organizations dedicated to support women and children in the coffee industry, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Made Simpli has pledged to donate 10 percent of net profits to empower others.

Team Bios

As a former agency recruiter with a focus on manufacturing and technology, Jenni Morse is inspired by change and by the trailblazing footsteps of her late father. Jenni realized her dream of product-based entrepreneurship with Simpli Press. From there, Made Simpli was born–offering its flagship product Simpli Press for everyday coffee lovers. She now contributes bliss and and ease to the world from her home in Southern California where she resides with her husband, two sons, and two dogs.


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Simpli Press allows the grounds container to be lifted with the plunger, making clean-up as simple as tamping out the base. Further, Morse’s unique design even works with fine grounds (which decreases brewing time and allows for a fuller-taste), as the filter prevents all sediment from making its way into a cup. The glass and stainless steel construct also mean no plastics come in contact with the coffee. While these all seem like obvious solutions, there’s nothing on there that puts them all into play quite like the Simpli Press.

David Graver

Writer, Cool Hunting

This may be the best designed French press yet!

Leanna Garfield

Writer, Business Insider

Simpli Press is an example of an idea to invention. It looks much like a typical French Press, but has a chamber added to the bottom that traps the grounds and separates them from the finished brewed coffee. After your press is done, you pull the plunger out, which draws the chamber with the ground coffee out as well. You clean the press just by cleaning the pulled chamber, which avoids scraping (and for anyone who has ever made a lot of French Presses, potentially breaking the glass carafe) out the press, prevents overextraction, and makes cleanup simpler while allowing you to enjoy your coffee sooner. The grounds chamber can also hold a paper filter, so you can brew coffees with all different grind settings and bring out different flavor profiles based on how you choose to grind your coffee.

Ashley Rodriguez

Writer, Barista Magazine


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