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Date Established 05/2019
Founder Rachel Sanders
Headquarters Nashville
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Rachel Sanders


Rootine is a health and wellness brand on a mission to make smarter solutions for your most vibrant health. 

Starting by revolutionizing the future of supplements. We use your unique health data to create targeted supplements designed to work with what your body needs when it needs it. Our multivitamin and suite of adaptogen powder blends are developed using cutting edge technology for maximum absorption and efficacy. 

Powered by our at home lab tests and data you already have through your wearables, our smart supplement system delivers results you can see, feel and track - promoting vibrant health at the cellular level.

Founding Story

Rachel has spent her career in high-stress roles that required her to maximize her time — first as an investment banker and now as a startup founder and mom of 2. For her, that meant doing everything she could to stay healthy and ensuring she was performing at her best both mentally and physically throughout the day. Early on in her career, Rachel was suffering from burnout, fatigue, stress, and brain fog which hampered her ability to give her best every day. After growing up in holistic health-focused household, she turned to supplements for support, but she struggled to find the solutions she needed. Ones that were science-backed and targeted to her specific concerns. So she founded Rootine – because we all deserve to experience our most vibrant health!


Stress $24.99
Sleep $24.99
Focus $24.99

Team Bios

Rachel Soper Sanders is the CEO and co-founder of Rootine, a health and wellness brand that helps you understand your body through science-backed insights and provides smarter supplements to unlock your best health. Rootine was recognized in the 2023 Fast Company World Changing Idea Awards and raised a Series A in 2022. In addition, Rachel is the host of the Precision Health Pod, a Venture Partner at 2048 Ventures, angel investor, and has been featured across Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and more. She has over 10 years' experience at the intersection of health and technology having started her career in investment banking focused on healthcare with additional experience in digital health product and strategy. Rachel received a BS from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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