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The original fasting-mimicking diet (FMD) that can fuel your body into rejuvenation, longevity, and healthy living.


Founder Dr. Valter Longo
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Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Courtney Firth


Prolon is the only nutrition program patented for its nutrition biotechnology that promotes longevity and healthspan while protecting lean body mass. Prolon has unlocked nutrition science that provides the benefits of an extended water fast while still allowing food and nourishment. Backed by over 25+ years of rigorous research, Prolon stands as the top doctor-recommended Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD). After its three-month onboarding period, experts advise following the program three times annually (only 15 days of your year) for optimal benefits.

The nutrition biotechnology of the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) is at the core of the extensive health benefits of Prolon products. The precise nutrition formulations within the elements of the 5-Day program provide the maximum calories and macronutrient ratios while still maintaining a fasted state. This allows the body to stay nourished, protects the muscles from degradation, and optimizes the cells and metabolism. Its products are entirely plant-based and clean. Prolon is the only Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) and was developed at the Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California and at L-Nutra Inc. by a global team of Longevity experts led by Professor Valter Longo (TIME Top 50 Most Influential People in Health).


Prolon 5-Day Program
Prolon 5-Day Program $190.00
Reset 1-Day Kit
Reset 1-Day Kit $39.99
Longevity Bundle
Longevity Bundle $249.00
Beginner Bundle
Beginner Bundle $238.85
Intermittent Fasting Bundle
Intermittent Fasting Bundle $292.00
Fast Bar Intermittent Fasting Bar
Fast Bar Intermittent Fasting Bar $30.60
Fasting Shake
Fasting Shake $59.99
ProLon® L-Spread
ProLon® L-Spread $14.00

Team Bios

Dr. Joseph Antoun, a dynamic and visionary leader at the intersection of medicine, science, and policy, stands as the driving force behind L-Nutra's groundbreaking initiatives in health and longevity. With a distinguished background in medicine, a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences, and a Master's in Public Policy, Dr. Antoun has seamlessly blended his expertise to redefine the landscape of nutrition and wellness.

As the CEO and Chairman of the Board of L-Nutra Inc., Dr. Antoun is dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that transcend conventional approaches to health. Under his guidance, L-Nutra has emerged as a trailblazer in the field of biotechnology, leveraging the power of Fasting-Mimicking Diets (FMD) to optimize health and promote longevity. These cutting-edge programs harness the body's natural ability to regenerate and rejuvenate, offering a novel approach to overall health and longevity.

Beyond his role at L-Nutra, Dr. Antoun is recognized as a thought leader and advocate for evidence-based healthcare policies. His multidisciplinary background equips him with a unique perspective, enabling him to bridge the gaps between medicine, science, and public policy.

A charismatic speaker and changemaker in the health and wellness space, Dr. Joseph Antoun continues to inspire change, encouraging individuals to take an active role in their well-being. His commitment to advancing human health, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, positions him as a driving force in the evolution of biotechnology and health optimization. 

Previously, Dr. Antoun served as the Chairman of the Board at the Global Healthspan Policy Institute (GHPI) and as a member of Forbes Business Development Council. Further, Dr. Antoun was the CEO of Health Systems Reform, the Co-Director of the Center for Health Policy at the University of Chicago and a fellow at the Department of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Dr. Antoun also founded and served as the Co-Editor in Chief of the Journal of Health Systems and Reform.


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