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NOVA emerges as a pioneering force in the realm of women's holistic wellness.

This innovative company crafts more than just scientifically-backed products; it creates experiences that deeply resonate with the essence of womanhood for all women. NOVA is a genuine and authentic celebration of women in their entirety. Championing every element of a woman's journey, NOVA equips them with innovative products and a community to design and realize their unique purpose. At the core of NOVA's ethos lies a commitment to excellence, innovation and challenging the status quo, placing the company at the forefront of the wellness revolution.

NOVA's products are meticulously designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of diverse women, each blending empowerment, science, and integrity. Steadfast in breaking barriers, it strives to redefine and create new standards that authentically represent women's experiences, endurance, achievements, and transformations because women are as diverse and multi-dimensional as the universe.

Women define their own wellness journeys with NOVA.

NOVA is driven by the philosophy that every woman embodies authentic strength, resilience, and grace - those elements that make them who they are - and is dedicated to championing their journey toward holistic well-being by giving them the power to choose what is best for their bodies and lives. The company enlightens and empowers women to take charge of their wellness and life's journeys through an unwavering commitment to transparency. This transparency permeates every facet of the company, from the intricate details of product manufacturing to the founder's personal narrative. NOVA is a new path in the wellness industry, advocating for informed choices and a deeper understanding of one’s wellness journey.

Women will change the world.

At NOVA, there is an active commitment to transforming the status quo, focusing on integrating social justice and human rights into the company's core mission. This steadfast dedication drives NOVA to create an environment that empowers women to embrace their true selves, fostering mental wellness and shaping a world where equity and justice are tangible realities for all women. NOVA claims a society where thriving diversity and love are universal, cultivating a vibrant and multi-faceted tapestry of human experience and societal contributions.

Founding Story

The NOVA story is one of transformation and empowerment.

NOVA was birthed from the unwavering commitment of its founder, Kathryn Robinson, to uplift women and honor their multifaceted nature. This journey began with a lifetime of a deep-seated yearning to support and celebrate women in all their complexity, recognizing them not as one-dimensional beings but as intricate, dynamic individuals. Confronted with the realization that many brands failed to truly empower women, NOVA emerged as a beacon of authenticity, shattering conventional narratives and offering wellness products unparalleled in functionality.

A pivotal moment of 'career-based burnout' led to the genesis of NOVA.

In 2022, Robinson's personal and career revelations ignited a passionate rebellion against societal norms. She was no longer content to be confined in a box, to accept the status quo. This turning point marked the birth of NOVA, catalyzing a mission to help women realize their inherent greatness unbounded by societal expectations. I wanted to help women realize that they, too, are destined for greatness and that they are not bound by societal expectations. Women are vibrantly different, bursting with life, love, and light. And it is past time that they are given a truly inclusive space to claim their unique, authentic power that is as illuminating as a supernova.

The founder's personal journey, marked by triumphs and challenges, mirrors that of many women, driving the creation of NOVA. NOVA was founded to celebrate them and honor their transformations into women of wonder, radiating uniqueness and confidence. While this metamorphosis is intrinsically personal, it often requires a supportive community and empowering products to navigate its course. NOVA is that community and its products are catalysts designed to help women navigate their transformative journeys and elevate them to their highest potential... something NOVA's founder so desired during her transformative seasons.

NOVA celebrates the valleys and the peaks of life and wellness.

At its core, NOVA is a testament to the belief that every woman's journey, filled with unique transformations, deserves to be celebrated and supported. The brand's dedication to breaking barriers and fostering an environment of authentic empowerment is a reflection of its founder's unwavering commitment to uplift women and honor their boundless potential, something she has championed throughout life. In an era where true representation and empowerment in the wellness industry are crucial, NOVA stands out not only for its exceptional products but also for its dedication to genuine advocacy for women's wellness. Emphasizing transparency and truth, NOVA offers a new narrative in women's health and well-being, rooted in the authenticity of its founder's experiences and the collective stories of women globally. This pioneering spirit is encapsulated in every facet of NOVA, from its innovative product lines to its community-focused initiatives, embodying a holistic approach to wellness that celebrates and supports women's journeys in every season of life.


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Team Bios

A North Carolina native, Kathryn Robinson is an accomplished alumna of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She graduated summa cum laude, earning an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, complemented by a minor in Journalism. Kathryn's professional journey spans diverse industries, both large and small, specializing in marketing and public relations. Her expertise lies in orchestrating brand creation, crafting dynamic marketing strategies, steering advertising campaigns, and executing public relations engagements. Kathryn's contributions extend to leading marketing research initiatives for industry giants such as McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, and Delaware North.

In 2017, Kathryn embarked on a new career chapter, stepping away from the corporate world to channel her multifaceted expertise into her own consulting business. For the next five years, she offered invaluable guidance to small businesses across sectors, advising them on operational and marketing strategies, innovative product concepts and functional formulations . Among her clientele were two burgeoning cannabis companies, where she discovered the profound wellness potential of the plant, especially when synergized with other natural, functional ingredients. Kathryn noticed a gaping void in the market for innovative wellness products tailored for the modern woman and transparent brands didn’t exist (until now). Armed with this insight and her profound industry and product formulation knowledge, Kathryn sought to not only fill these gaps but to revolutionize women's wellness landscape altogether. In November 2022, NOVA was born.

Beyond her professional commitments, Kathryn is an ardent fitness enthusiast and a dedicated dog mom. She cherishes her daily ritual of tackling the New York Times crossword over a latte each morning and she devoutly attends Elevation e-church on Sundays. Kathryn's free time is often spent in the introspective study of scripture and philosophical works, delving into her latest fascination, and rapping her favorite Jay-Z songs (but not every word…).



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