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Date Established 01/2017
Founder Nina Tickaradze
Headquarters Atlanta, GA
Press Contact Nina


NADI is the maker of the first and only USDA Certified Organic Wild Rosehip Juices and all-natural Happy Hearts Apple Chips. NADI is a social venture that creates jobs for displaced refugees and a WBENC certified woman-owned business founded by Nina Tickaradze, who is a native of the country of Georgia. The name NADI means “collective work effort” in the Georgian language to honor the refugees, family and friends who make our healthy products possible.

Founding Story

The founder, Nina Tickaradze, is originally from the country of Georgia and she moved to the United States as a teenager and has lived in the state of Georgia ever since. Rosehip drinks are a big tradition in her native land, and her grandmother foraged for wild berries and made a tea-like drink to keep the whole family healthy. Rosehips are known for their high concentration of Vitamin C, they are powerful immunity boosters.

Fast forward, and Nina wanted to do something to give back to the country of Georgia. There are a lot of refugees who have been displaced by war, and they had to leave their homes and possessions behind and were living in makeshift camps in the forests of the Caucasus Mountains. One day, an idea struck. She could hire refugees to produce the juices, and help them earn a steady income while also bringing this ancient Georgian health tradition of rosehip drinks to the rest of the world.

Team Bios

Nina Tickaradze


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Nina is a Founder and CEO of NADI, a certified women-owned enterprise and a social venture with a mission to create jobs for displaced refugees. NADI produces organic juices and healthy snacks that are sold in organic grocery stores and supermarkets across the US. NADI’s products are inspired by ancient Georgian health traditions and old family recipes.

A native of the country of Georgia, Nina was educated primarily in the United States. Because of her strong personal connection to the people and businesses in her home country, she founded the Georgia to Georgia Foundation, a non-profit that promotes relationships between the state of Georgia and the country of Georgia. She is also Co-Chair of the Atlanta Tbilisi Sister City Committee, and builds stronger business and cultural ties between Atlanta and its sister city of Tbilisi, which is the capital of Georgia.

Nina is passionate about the ancient culture of the country of her birth, and is an advocate for educating others about Georgia’s history, hospitality, and vibrant food and wine scene. She is a Certified Sommelier through the International Sommelier Guild.


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Voyage Atlanta - May 28, 2021 Meet Nina Tickaradze, interview with VoyageATL "What matters most to you? Aside from being known as a company that makes healthy and delicious products, the thing that’s most important to us is making a real and lasting positive impact in our local communities. We are creating jobs that provide steady income, and we also offer English and computer classes so people can learn new skills that make them more employable. We’re helping people get back on their feet but also rebuild their entire lives. We hope more businesses embrace socially responsible entrepreneurism and use their companies as a vehicle for doing good."
New Hope Network - May 13, 2021 Diverse brands from east of the Mississippi River by New Hope Network "Atlanta-based Nina Tickaradze founded this brand as a social venture to create job opportunities for refugees from her native Georgia—a country where vitamin C–rich rosehip juice is traditionally known to promote health. The organic rosehips in this clean-label beverage, sweetened with a touch of stevia, grow sustainably in the Caucasus Mountains."
Forbes - Jan 26, 2021 This Company Is Bringing Rosehips To The Food Aisle "In 2018, Tickaradze started NADI, a line of rosehips snacks and beverages, as social venture with the mission of creating job opportunities for refugees and Internally Displaced People (IDPs). They’re available on Amazon AMZN -1.6% and sold in about 300 organic independent grocery stores and supermarkets throughout the U.S. Rosehips have a long history in Georgia where they’ve been used to strengthen the immune system, promote wound healing, cure digestive problems and improve blood circulation and heart health. They’re one of the best sources of Vitamin C, having anywhere from 25 to 40 times more Vitamin C by weight than citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. NADI makes juices and snacks from rosehips sourced from the forests of the Caucasus Mountains, where local growers practice sustainable farming techniques."
FoodSided Healthier alternatives to potato chips that you must try "Nadi Happy Hearts Apple Chips These delicious chips are sure to satisfy your cravings. Thin with the right amount of crisp, Nadi Happy hearts Apple Chips are cooked using a drying technique that preserves the flavors. Made from pure apples Ida Red or Grany Smith apples, the chips are pure with no added sugar, fat-free, and vegan."


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