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Date Established 10/2020
Founder Eric Wentworth & JD Mitchell
Headquarters Louisville
Health & Wellness
Press Contact JD Mitchell


Modica is the award-winning cocktail mix made with superfoods, functional ingredients, and up to 70% less sugar than other mixers! Each mix is fortified with B-vitamins and two kinds of electrolytes so you're getting an extra boost of well-being with every sip. Modica comes from "modicum" which is a small amount of a great thing, because whether you're having a cocktail or mocktail, everyone deserves something great every day.

Current flavors include: Cucumber Aloe Margarita, Turmeric Ginger Mule, Tart Cherry Old Fashioned, Cacao Espresso Martini, and Blueberry Lavender Lemon Drop. Each mix can be combined with alcohol for a cocktail or club soda for a mocktail. The entire bottle can be used to make a pitcher of drinks, perfect for hosting and entertaining. We also include recipes on our website, so you can use Modica and a few other common ingredienets to make a more elevated cocktail.

Modica is 100% LGBTQ owned and certified through the NGLCC.

Founding Story

Modica was created when co-founders, Eric and JD met in business school in 2016. They worked full-time jobs and took three hours of night classes most evenings. At the end of those long days, what they wanted most was a cocktail. Eric has a decade of bartending experience, and he's opened two bars and restaurants in Louisville, but he was too tired to make something from scratch. And JD can barely squeeze a lime on a good day! So they looked at the mixers available in grocery stores and found they were full of preservatives, toxic ingredients and loads of sugar; and none of that sounded like it would make a tasty cocktail.

That's when they decided to create Modica with superfoods, vitamins, electrolytes, and up to 70% less sugar than other mixers. After working on the mixers for three years, Modica planned to launch in March 2020. Delayed by Covid-19, Modica was forced to delay their launch until October. Since then, Modica has expanded to nearly 100 outlets across 9 states, and continues to grow.


Cucumber Aloe Margarita
Cucumber Aloe Margarita $20.00
Tart Cherry Old Fashioned
Tart Cherry Old Fashioned $20.00
Turmeric Ginger Mule
Turmeric Ginger Mule $20.00
Blueberry Lavender Lemon Drop
Blueberry Lavender Lemon Drop $20.00
Cacao Espresso Martini
Cacao Espresso Martini $20.00

Team Bios

Eric, Co-Founder of Modica, has been making cocktails for over a decade. He worked as a bartender and manager before opening his first bar/restaurant, The Hub, shortly after completing his undergraduate degree. In 2017, he opened a champagne bar. As an award-winning bartender and mixologist, he loves creating the perfect craft cocktail for any occassion. He earned in his MBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Louisville in 2018.

JD Mitchell, Co-founder of Modica, didn't learn how to make a cocktail until he was 28 years old. He handsqueezed a dozen limes before realizing there had to be a better way, and now he's focused on spreading the good news: cocktails can be easy, delicious, and even better-for-you. But before he went behind the bar, JD worked in sales and marketing and maintained a client porfolio of Fortune 50 companies. He also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia from 2011-2013. He earned his MBA in Entrepreneurship from University of Louisville in 2018.


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