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Date Established 11/2021
Founder Katie Omstead
Headquarters New York, NY
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Katie Omstead


Mintly is a planet-positive oral wellness company looking to reinvigorate your oral care routine. The brand blends efficacious ingredients proven to promote oral health with clean formulas and sustainable packaging and practices. Built with the goal of making oral wellness something to smile about, Mintly's offerings aim to reduce the use of single-use plastic in the oral care industry while bringing excitement to the category. In addition to being travel friendly, compact, convenient, and packaged sustainably, all Mintly products are cruelty-free and free from sulfates, parabens, preservatives, and artificial colors and sweeteners.

Founding Story

After spending years working in the consumer products world, Katie became super familiar with the sustainability challenges plaguing personal care, with oral care standing out as a category lagging behind in eco-friendliness and innovation. Non-recyclable tubes! Plastic packaging everywhere! Old school branding! She dove deep into the oral wellness category and realized there was not only an opportunity to clean up the ingredients and make more earth-friendly packaging, but also to incorporate proven ingredients like fluoride and clinically-backed probiotics into modern formats to make oral care that is good for you, your body, and the biosphere. And thus, Mintly was born, and aims to create options for oral wellness that are equal parts effective, impactful, and exciting.

Team Bios

Katie is passionate about consumer products and bringing innovative, impactful options to as many people as possible. Having spent time in the consumer products world at places like Johnson & Johnson, she saw the immense impact of plastic in personal care, and became empowered by the idea that she could help reinvigorate everyday routines with products that were equally effective, elevated, and eco-friendly. She embarked on a mission to create modern, sustainable solutions with a positive impact on both people and the planet, and hasn't stopped since. Katie holds a Bachelor's degree from Columbia University and an MBA from Harvard Business School, currently resides in New York City, and is a proud mom to her golden retriever, Riley.




"Your whole product line is terrific because it's good for the environment and the mouth! I am already recommending Mintly to all my patients."

Helen C.

Registered Dental Hygienist

"Have you ever considered using toothpaste tablets to eliminate the mess of tubes and pumps? Then you’ll love Mintly’s Toothpaste Tablets – Flouride Free which is designed to prevent plaque, fight off tooth decay, and reduce tooth stains with just one easy-to-pop-in-your-mouth tablet. Get all the mouth-freshening cleanliness you need in a fun, unique way with these wellness products."


"Mintly’s little jar of lozenges is the perfect addition to any packed lunch. Let mom feel fresh after her pesto pasta or egg salad sandwich, in a very classy (and healthy!) way. "

Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner


"Mintly is doing its part to help save the planet by creating vegan toothbrushes with replaceable heads. Sourced from biodegradable Moso bamboo, the Mintly Eco Toothbrush ($5) boasts bristles that are made of charcoal and other eco-friendly materials. The replaceable heads are packaged and shipped in sustainable kraft paper."

Emily Weaver



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