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Date Established 10/2002
Founder Stevie Williams
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Press Contact Matt Daughters


Oh Yeah Embroidered Fleece Hoody
Oh Yeah Embroidered Fleece Hoody $130.00
Oh Yeah Embroidered Fleece Pant
Oh Yeah Embroidered Fleece Pant $130.00
Oh Yeah Varsity Jacket
Oh Yeah Varsity Jacket $350.00
Crash Custom Knit
Crash Custom Knit $45.00
Smash Custom Fleece Hoody
Smash Custom Fleece Hoody $100.00
Smash Custom Fleece Pant
Smash Custom Fleece Pant $90.00
Sippin’ T - Shirt
Sippin’ T - Shirt $40.00
Crash T - Shirt
Crash T - Shirt $34.00
In The Mix T - Shirt
In The Mix T - Shirt $34.00
Thirst T - Shirt
Thirst T - Shirt $40.00
Who Dis? T - Shirt
Who Dis? T - Shirt $34.00
Drippin Skateboard Complete
Drippin Skateboard Complete $130.00
Flavas Skateboard Complete
Flavas Skateboard Complete $130.00
Oh Yeah Cruiser Skateboard Complete
Oh Yeah Cruiser Skateboard Complete $140.00
Crash Lenticular Skateboard Deck
Crash Lenticular Skateboard Deck $90.00
Kam - O - Rama Skateboard Deck
Kam - O - Rama Skateboard Deck $80.00
Thirst Football Jersey
Thirst Football Jersey $90.00
Smash Longsleeve T - Shirt
Smash Longsleeve T - Shirt $40.00


DGK is the most authentic street skateboard and apparel brand in the world. Started in 2002, the company is a tribute to skateboarders from less advantaged backgrounds. The brand represents the underdog and people who make it against all odds. Our slogan ‘For Those Who Come From Nothing’ sums up the message behind the brand.

We’re all about turning a negative into a positive for people from humble beginnings to achieve great success.

Through social media & live events, we give to the next generation of kids with experiences they will never forget. It’s our way of giving back and letting our customers know that supporting DGK means supporting the future.We’ve given thousands of skateboards globally, giving back to our community on the ground level through schools, after-school programs and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

DGK has a deep history of strong product collaborations with the most influencial brands & iconic Artists. Aligning these product partners in an organic way elevates our brand perception while reaching a whole new audience. These product partnerships always get great instore looks, solid sell through and key marketing for a long-lasting impression. The growing list of our brand partners includes Adidas, G-Shock, Bruce Lee, White Castle and Virgil Abloh (Creative Director of LVMH & Off White).

Founding Story

DGK founder Stevie Williams is the American dream. Coming from meager beginnings in the ghetto of Philadelphia, at 11 years of age Stevie was introduced to a skateboard and his passion took over. An unimaginable journey began that day, with this kid from Philly inspiring a global movement. His impact spread like wildfire, cementing his legacy in the history books as one of the most influential skateboarders of all time by Transworld Skateboarding. The culmination of his rise was founding DGK, a brand honoring his childhood friends and encouraging kids from the same circumstance to stay on a positive path. The brands authenticity quickly elevated it one of the biggest companies in skateboarding and spread into the pop culture lexicon, being worn from everyone from Lebron James, The Kardashians to Justin Bieber. After 20 years, the brand is more dominant than ever and still standing for the same fundamentals it was founded on.

Entering his 25th year as a professional skateboarder, Stevie is still known globally as one of the icons of skateboarding. In 2021, his story was featured in the ESPN produced documentary “Being Stevie Williams”; which was the longest running feature on ESPN, only rivaled by Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance”. Hewas also a featured character in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skateboarder video game series in addition to being a secret character NFL Street 2 by EA Sports.


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