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Lid Lustre


Lid Lustre


A crystal-infused, fine pressed shadow that delivers ethereal shine and luscious color.

Lustrous Lids: Creamy, buildable application for a shimmering wash of pigment that demands attention.

Opulent Shades: Gilded finish infused with real crystals — Victoria surrounds herself with them — each colour boasts real crystal extracts to bring fresh energy to your look.

Renewed Radiance: Skin-loving ingredients boost moisture, minimize redness, and revitalize energy.

Pure excellence in every way: That's the Victoria Standard.

Dermatologist- and Ophthalmologist-Tested, Safe for Contact Lens, Vegan, Gluten-free, Soy-free

5 g / 0.17 oz.



  • Chiffon is a reflective champagne with gold and multicolor pearl. Infused with Clear Quartz, which is known to amplify energy, thought and aid concentration.
  • Tea Rose is a warm rose gold with gold and violet pearl infused with Rose Quartz which is known to promote love, friendship, inner healing and peace.
  • Mirror is a true silver chrome. Infused with Moonstone, which is known to provide calmness, enhance intuition and promote inspiration.
  • Honey is a medium golden bronze with gold pearl infused with Opal which is known to promote optimism, enthusiasm and creativity.
  • Mink is taupe brown with mix of gold and silver pearl and infused with Tigers Eye which is known as the gemstone of courage, strength and personal power.
  • Midnight is navy blue with silver pearl and infused with Amethyst which is known to amplify the flow of prosperity and abundance.
  • Starlight is a 24k gold-infused with Jasper, known to provide protection and absorb negative energy.
  • Velvet is a golden olive with antiqued pearl, infused with Malachite, known to open the heart to unconditional love.


Made with only the best, and nothing more:


Increases skin hydration while restoring suppleness and flexibility.


Brightens and renews skin.


Soothes skin redness and minimizes signs of premature aging.