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Gummy & Candy Molds (Set of 2)


Gummy & Candy Molds (Set of 2)


LEVO Gummy and Candy Molds are the perfect solution for making your own candies, gummies, tablets, chocolates, treats, and more at home. Each kit can make up to 64 pieces, or 32 pieces each tray, measuring 2.5mL per piece. A sturdy snap-on lid included with each mold for easy storage, while preventing leakage and keeping your treats fresher for longer. Two droppers included for easy transfer of liquid from container to the mold cavities.


-2 Pack: 2 Trays with lids, and 2 droppers

-Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe

-New Spherical candy per piece

-32 pieces per tray, 64 in total

-x2 Droppers included for easy dispensing

-FDA approved food-grade silicone resistant to stains and odors

-Dry erase safe snap-on lid to prevent leakage and keep fresh

-Each mold tray measures 4.3 in x 7.7 in x 0.8 in