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SR Pro 2


SR Pro 2


With the new SR Pro 2, spatial computing takes a leap forward. Simulated Reality displays project digital 3D visuals into open space, which users can view from multiple angles without needing any special gear like headsets or glasses. This innovation allows you to create, manipulate, and experience digital content as if it's part of our physical environment. This capability can revolutionize industries such as design, entertainment, healthcare, and education, offering immersive experiences previously unimaginable.


LeiaSR creates an excellent 3D view with depth, scale and 'motion parallax.' It presents a unique, parallel image for each eye in the same way your eyes perceive images in the real world. This results in a fully natural and comfortable 3D experience.

Eyewear-free 3D

Naturally Immersive . No heavy gear, jump on and off in seconds. User-friendly and direct-play.​

8K Resolution - See the Finest details

New spectrum of depths, textures, and lights; spatial technology brings the digital world to life.

Switchable 2D-to-3D Without Compromise

Infinite 3D content, convert any 2D content, seamlessly switch from 3D to pristine 2D quality​.