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Zwiesel Glas

Zwiesel and glass - a love story


Date Established 01/1872
Founder Anton Müller
Headquarters Ashburn
Press Contact Colleen Jezersek, Coaction PR


For more than a century and a half, place and material have been inseparably linked here. Deep in the Bavarian Forest, one has become synonymous with the other with Zwiesel Glas. As a brand, as a philosophy, and with every glass we create here.

The art of striking the right note:

The special Zwiesel note plays a large role – the sound of toasting with Tritan® crystal glasses from Zwiesel is unlike any other and has become a unique feature of our brand. Our brand statement ‘For Those Who Care’ reflects the high standards Zwiesel Glas has established for itself to provide unparalleled quality, unique design, unusual product assortments, exceptional service and sustainability.

Founding Story

The glass manufacture of Zwiesel Glas, established in 1872, is deeply rooted in the traditional glassmaking trade of the Bavarian Forest. The company’s products are prized by the world’s most discerning guests and finest hosts. Zwiesel Glas turns every moment into a special occasion – at every table, whether at home or in restaurants, whether by yourself or in the company of others.

Sounds like Zwiesel:

The rise and fall of voices. The sound of glasses mixing with laughter. Or joining with a smile. Coming together. Sharing together. An occasion, the moment, life. This is what gives our love for glass and craftsmanship its soul.


Journey Champagne
Journey Champagne $108.00
Chess Whiskey
Chess Whiskey $56.00
Chess Long drink
Chess Long drink $56.00
Gigi Cocktail Coupe
Gigi Cocktail Coupe $64.00
Gigi Red Wine Glass
Gigi Red Wine Glass $64.00
Glamorous Riesling
Glamorous Riesling $240.00
Glamorous Liqueur
Glamorous Liqueur $240.00
Prizma Tumbler
Prizma Tumbler $108.00
Prizma Bordeaux Glass
Prizma Bordeaux Glass $108.00
Modo Champagne Flute
Modo Champagne Flute $56.00
Modo Water Glass
Modo Water Glass $56.00
Simplify Red Wine
Simplify Red Wine $160.00
Simplify Bordeaux
Simplify Bordeaux $160.00
Pure Decanter
Pure Decanter $119.99
Chess All Purpose
Chess All Purpose $56.00
Journey Bordeaux
Journey Bordeaux $108.00
Journey Burgundy
Journey Burgundy $108.00
Journey Beaujolais
Journey Beaujolais $108.00
Gigi White Wine Glass
Gigi White Wine Glass $64.00
Gigi Champagne
Gigi Champagne $64.00
Pure Bordeaux Wine Tumbler
Pure Bordeaux Wine Tumbler $96.00
Glamorous Whiskey 11.1oz
Glamorous Whiskey 11.1oz $240.00
Glamorous Sweet Wine
Glamorous Sweet Wine $240.00
Glamorous Cabernet
Glamorous Cabernet $240.00
Prizma Champagne Flute
Prizma Champagne Flute $108.00
Prizma Riesling Glass
Prizma Riesling Glass $108.00
Prizma Cabernet Glass
Prizma Cabernet Glass $108.00
Fascination Double Old Fashioned
Fascination Double Old Fashioned $108.00
Fascination Long Drink
Fascination Long Drink $108.00
Universal Stemless Promo Set
Universal Stemless Promo Set $72.00
Congresso Wine Glass
Congresso Wine Glass $48.00
Congresso Champagne Flute
Congresso Champagne Flute $47.99
Tower Long Drink
Tower Long Drink $60.00
Bar Special Whiskey Nosing Glass
Bar Special Whiskey Nosing Glass $84.00
Bar Special Sangria Glass
Bar Special Sangria Glass $84.00
Beer Basic Brussels Pilsner
Beer Basic Brussels Pilsner $78.00
Classico Decanter
Classico Decanter $100.00
Classico Wine/ Water Goblet
Classico Wine/ Water Goblet $78.00

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