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Date Established 01/2021
Headquarters Denver
Construction & Real Estate
Arts and Crafts
Press Contact Lisa M King, Image Beauty LLC


Hanging things should be easy and convenient – but until now it hasn’t been. Poorly fitting over-the-door hangers, adhesive hooks that fall off, screw or nail holes ruining doors, no adjustability… there had to be a better way. Zipnhang is the ideal solution for hanging decor on glass doors, screen doors, storm doors, RV doors and more.

Founding Story

Dorota Shoretell is a mechanical engineer, and a creative problem-solver. At one point she grew frustrated enough with the lack of good door-hanging options that she put her brain to it – and created a better way. Here’s how she tells it:

“The reason I invented ZipnHang was that we bought a beautiful new front door with stained glass in it, and I couldn’t hang my wreath. I bought a suction-cup wreath holder, but it fell off after a few hours. I bought over-the-door hangers, but the plastic ones were too thick and my door wouldn’t close, and the metal ones barely closed, scratching up my door frame.

“After all this frustration, I figured out a way to hang wreathes by experimenting with fishing line. Then I put my engineering skills to work and turned the idea into a product and got it patented. I wanted to bring this product to everyone who was fighting the same problem.”


ZipnHang $24.95


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