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Date Established 01/2009
Founder Alissa & Amy Zalneraitis
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Liz Silvermaster


We Feed Raw is a subscription-based raw dog food company that delivers species-appropriate meals to dogs nationwide. The company's mission is to simplify raw feeding for busy pet parents who want to provide their dogs with optimal nutrition without the hassle of sourcing and prepping the meals themselves.

We Feed Raw offers pre-portioned, complete, and balanced meals in six different recipes: beef, venison, lamb, duck, chicken, and turkey which are all AAFCO compliant for dogs of all life stages. We Feed Raw believes in an egalitarian approach to raw feeding and offers flexibility in what percent of raw you choose to feed.

We take pride in being one of the only raw dog food companies that specializes in meal kit delivery for pets. For years, meal delivery services have been a convenient way for people to enjoy fresh, perfectly portioned plates. Now, the same is available for your pets. With We Feed Raw, feeding your pet a raw diet is more than giving them only one source of protein. There's no one-size-fits-all raw pet food diet. That's why our raw dog food company tailors meals to your pet's dietary needs, in addition to their age and breed. But no matter which raw food options you choose, you can rest assured your pet is receiving all the proper nutrients.

We Feed Raw has quickly become the leading DTC raw dog food company, with a brand that sets the gold standard in the market. We Feed Raw has been named “best in class” by top-tier publications such as Forbes, People, The Skimm, and Popular Science, among others. As a tight-knit team of dog lovers, We Feed Raw is committed to delivering only the highest-quality food to pets across the country.

Founding Story

We Feed Raw is a family-owned business originally founded by Alissa Zalneraitis with a vision to provide fresh, raw, and biologically appropriate ingredients for pets. After her heartbreaking passing in 2014, the Zalneraitis family made it their mission to keep Alissa's dream alive. We Feed Raw is the result of the family's lifelong dedication to the well-being of animals and their desire to feed animals the healthiest diet possible.

We Feed Raw started as a way for pet owners to have access to better food for their pets. It's the family business to make sure dog owners know what's in their dog's food: fresh, raw, biologically appropriate ingredients that promote health rather than just sustain life. Every day, armed with our unwavering passion and the expertise of a Ph.D. animal nutritionist, the We Feed Raw team works toward their vision of a future where the diet nature intended, rather than processed kibble, becomes the pet food norm.

We Feed Raw believes dogs are happiest when they are fed what’s most natural for them: a raw, meat-based diet. The company's meal options make healthy raw meals an everyday option for dog lovers from all walks of life.


Subscription Meal Plan
Subscription Meal Plan $100.00
Classic Box
Classic Box $199.00
Small Box
Small Box $132.00
Big Box
Big Box $264.00

Team Bios

Amy Zalneraitis is the Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of We Feed Raw, a premium raw dog food company that delivers complete and balanced meals to dogs all over the country. With an extensive background in marketing, Amy has leveraged her skills in writing and creative direction to create an unforgettable brand that sets the gold standard in the raw dog food market.

We Feed Raw was originally founded by Amy's sister, Alissa, a huge dog lover and advocate for all animals. After Alissa's heartbreaking passing in 2014, Amy made it her mission to keep her sister's dream and legacy alive. Today, We Feed Raw is not only the fastest-growing DTC raw dog food company out there, it is considered the premier raw dog food delivery service--it's been rated “best in class” by Forbes, People Magazine, Popular Science, The Skimm, and other top-tier publications. Amy has worked tirelessly to maintain the brand's integrity. She remains endlessly inspired by her sister's mission to provide dogs with biologically appropriate, nutritious food, and is committed to delivering health and happiness to pets across the country. 


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