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Untold: Transforming Hollywood Investment with Transparency and Impact


Date Established 10/2018
Founder Ali Aksu
Immersive Technology
Website https://UNTOLD.IO
Press Contact Leonel Garcia


UNTOLD is a FINRA licensed equity investment platform in entertainment industry connecting award-winning content producers with investors and fans all around the world. As one of the only FINRA/SEC registered funding portals in the content space, Untold offers a simple, secure, and engaging equity investing experience for both accredited and non-accredited investors. With curation at the core of Untold’s mission, the vetting process for filmmakers raising funds involves extensive due diligence based on past commercial track record, personal and industry reputation, awards, and more. Not only can fans and financial experts alike invest, but they also can engage with their favorite filmmakers, actors, producers on a whole new level.

As a funding platform, Untold is launching an era of mass production. Filmmakers, talent, investors, and distributors benefit from deal flow. We offer a simple and cybersecure investing experience for both retail and institutional investors (via reg cf & reg d).

Founding Story

Ali Aksu's journey into the convergence of entertainment and business began with the establishment of Auteur Academy, an online film platform aimed at educating producers on industry navigation. Following successful exits with industry titans Netflix and Universal Studios, Aksu discerned a significant issue plaguing Hollywood: the opaque and risky nature of entertainment investing, often resulting in investor losses.

In response to this systemic problem, Aksu founded Untold, incubating its inception at MIT School of Management in 2018. Today, Untold boasts headquarters in Universal City and New York, driven by a core mission to democratize investment opportunities in entertainment. As the only FINRA licensed funding platform enabling investment in pre-vetted content such as movies, TV shows, and streaming projects, Untold upholds SEC regulations and invites both accredited and non-accredited investors to participate, ensuring inclusivity.

Through rigorous due diligence, Untold prioritizes projects with established track records, fostering transparency and accountability in the industry. With a steadfast commitment to revolutionizing entertainment financing, Untold is dedicated to nurturing a more sustainable and inclusive future for all investors.

Team Bios

Ali M. Aksu is an international film producer, director and entrepreneur with a background in finance. Prior to launching Untold, he founded Auteur Academy, an online film platform focused on guiding industry professionals towards successful exits in entertainment. Aksu's successful multi-million dollar exits from ventures with Netflix and Universal Studios underscore his expertise in the field. Recognizing the need for transparency in Hollywood investing, Aksu established Untold in 2018, incubated at MIT School of Management. Under his leadership, Untold has experienced significant growth and is now headquartered in Universal City and New York. Aksu remains dedicated to democratizing investment opportunities in entertainment through Untold, with a strong emphasis on transparency and accountability.

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