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At the heart of Turbie Twist lies a commitment to affordability, simplicity and efficiency in hair care. Born in 1995 from the idea that traditional bath towels were too bulky and ineffective for drying hair, Turbie Twist introduced a revolutionary, super-absorbent hair towel designed for a perfect fit on all head sizes.

Proudly women-owned, Turbie Twist emphasizes eco-friendly practices and supports busy lifestyles, whether it's for post-shower routines, gym sessions, or travel. Their dedication to customer satisfaction shines through their fast shipping, easy returns, and 5-star customer service, making Turbie Twist not just a product but a lifestyle for those on the go.

Founding Story

While still in college, two sisters Angela and Christina set in motion a company that would not only change their lives, but also the way women dry their hair. The sisters had tremendous passion for their product, the Turbie Twist, and knew that they could take it to the next level. In 2006, they embarked on revolutionizing the Turbie Twist and never looked back. In fact, through creativity and hard work these two female entrepreneurs took Turbie Twist to the INC 500/5000 list of the fastest growing companies in America. "My sister and I both have long hair and busy schedules. We love the convenience of the Turbie Twist. We hope that one day Turbie Twist will become a standard part of every woman's morning routine just like it has for us." Their goal? Simple, to make Turbie Twist a household brand!


Turbie Twist® Microfiber Hair Towel - 2 Pack
Turbie Twist® Microfiber Hair Towel - 2 Pack $16.97
Turbie Twist® Cotton Hair Towel - 3 Pack
Turbie Twist® Cotton Hair Towel - 3 Pack $27.00
Turbie Band® - 4 Pack
Turbie Band® - 4 Pack $29.99

Team Bios

✨ Meet Angela, the heart and soul behind Turbie Twist, juggling the vibrant chaos of co-founding our beloved brand with the joyful whirlwind of raising four incredible kids. Her superpower? Seamlessly blending family life with her passion for innovation, ensuring every twist and turn in our products brings a smile just as bright as those she cherishes at home.

🏒 Meet Christina, Turbie Twist's dynamo and the epitome of a hockey mom on the go. Co-founding our brand by day and cheering from the ice rinks by night, she masterfully navigates the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship with the same grace and fervor as a game-winning goal. 🌟 Her spirit is as resilient as it is nurturing, ensuring that both her Turbie family and her team at home skate smoothly towards success.

🌟 Behind every click and scroll at Turbie Twist, there's Jimmy, our Director of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing. With a keen eye for branding and a knack for web design, he's the quietly brilliant force ensuring our online journey is smooth and engaging. While he might not need a Turbie Twist for his locks, he's here for the vibe!


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