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Date Established 10/2022
Founder Seneca Connor
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Seneca Connor


"Affordable Luxury Handbags In Iconic Styles". That’s exactly what The Bag Icon offers its customers. We believe that both you and your bank account should look amazing! The Bag Icon offers high quality leather bags in iconic styles to the conscious customer who wants the look and feel of luxury without the high price tag, without sacrificing quality or style. We want you to look amazing and keep your coins to invest, save, or pursue your dreams- become an Icon! The Bag Icon is here to help you look great along the way! 

As a black-owned/woman-owned brand, a part of our mission is to highlight the achievements of women who have paved the way…in particular, black women. Our collections are named for women who broke barriers, fought for social equality and lived fiercely. Their lives and achievements serve as sources of inspiration for us all.

Founding Story

Not wanting to pay egregiously marked up prices for designer handbags, Seneca Connor decided to make her own….as a result The Bag Icon was born. Seneca set out to design and produce high quality handbags in iconic styles that could compete with designer brands when it came quality and style...offered at an affordable price. Using the strong and beautiful women that raised and nurtured her as her inspiration, Seneca has designed each handbag with them in mind and named them to remember and honor her roots. The Bag Icon offers consumers an alternative to the large designer houses without giving up quality, style or functionality.


The Henrietta Tote Bag
The Henrietta Tote Bag $405.00
The Sharon Claudia Satchel
The Sharon Claudia Satchel $1150.00
The Grandmere Trunk Bag
The Grandmere Trunk Bag $515.00
The HARRIET $305.00
The JO Bucket Bag
The JO Bucket Bag $250.00

Team Bios


Seneca Connor


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Hi there! My name is Seneca Connor and I'm the owner of The Bag Icon. I'm a proud bag lady, attorney, wife, and mom of a little boy, living in Northern California! I started The Bag Icon for handbag lovers like me, who want a quality designer look, without the high price tag. I hope you find something you love! xoxo Seneca


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