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We're taking wellness to another level.


Founder Ray Kelly
Headquarters New York
Immersive Technology
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Jack Taylor PR


TERSA is a company founded by Ray Kelly, a world-renowned injury rehab and human performance expert. The company aims to disrupt the health, wellness, and medical industry with a more holistic and multidimensional approach to healing and performance. TERSA has assembled a team of experts in design, engineering, robotics, and human performance to ensure the highest standards in product development.

Team Bios

Ray Kelly is a world renowned, celebrity injury rehab and human performance expert that has

managed the bodies of many high-profile clientele ranging from professional athletes, music icons,

supermodels, fashion gurus, adventurers, film directors, writers, executives and royalty.

Ray’s career kicked off at an incredibly early age as a junior athlete, representing Australia at State,

National and International levels. Ray’s footballing dreams ended abruptly, with his first knee

reconstruction at age 14, followed by 3 more knee operations by the age of 18 amongst many

other injuries including spine reconstructive surgery and autoimmune disorders. This gave Ray an

incredible life lesson and early insight into the world of rehabilitation and recovery.

Ray became Australia’s youngest ever qualified football coach at age 15. By 16, Ray was studying

anatomy and physiology and began working as a licensed strength and conditioning coach and

trainer before going on to further his studies in the fields of exercise science, biomechanics, injury

rehabilitation and kinetic chain assessment.

Since then Ray has spent the last 20 years as a leading expert with a focus on the music industry,

managing the health and performance for some of the world's leading music icons. During this

time, Ray developed his proprietary methodology for a more holistic view on healing and

performance as an in demand global practitioner across UK, Europe and US.


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