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Sweat Shaper

Sweat enhancing compression-wear


Date Established 01/2019
Founder Devon Israni
Headquarters Wayne
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Miranda Spinelli


Sweat Shaper is a fitness apparel company based in the United States with more than 20,000 satisfied customers. We offer sweat-enhancing athletic tanks, leggings, waist trainers, and more for men and women looking to level up their fitness journey at any stage.

Ever so much more than just apparel, Sweat Shaper’s proprietary combination of performance compression and heat-trapping polymer fabric seals in your natural body heat for a sauna-like experience that fuels your workout!

While other neoprene garments are cumbersome and uncomfortable, Sweat Shaper truly moves with your body during your workout. Our lightweight apparel hugs every inch of you with 360 degrees of compression and support, so your apparel supports you, works with you, and makes you feel confident.

So why are we so passionate about… sweat?! “Breaking a sweat” is more than just a way to let people know we’re working hard—it’s a natural catalyst for better fitness through boosting energy levels and promoting faster results for your workout effort! For most, more sweat = more progress. We exist to create clothing that not only maximizes a workout but motivates our customers to unlock their full potential. So let’s turn up the heat!

Founding Story

Sweat sometimes gets a bad rap but Sweat Shaper believes there’s something entirely transformative about getting really, really sweaty. More sweat, more progress and it's not just because of the amazing health-related and mood-boosting benefits of breaking a sweat. Rather, it’s because when you’re drenched in sweat, your focus moves back where it belongs: the workout. Not your appearance. Not your problem areas. The here-and-now. You’re encouraged to immerse yourself in the experience and give it your absolute all. And then you sweat some more. And the cycle repeats.

So, at Sweat Shaper, we’re creating an ode to being the sweatiest person in the room.


Women's Athletic Tank
Women's Athletic Tank $29.99
Women's Arm Trimmers
Women's Arm Trimmers $19.99
Women's Leggings
Women's Leggings $39.99
Women's Waist Trimmer
Women's Waist Trimmer $19.99
Men's Athletic Tank
Men's Athletic Tank $29.99
Sweat Cream
Sweat Cream $29.99




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