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Date Established 01/2024
Founder Adam Simone + Adam Hahn
Health & Wellness
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Alissa Marinello


Body Smoosh is the first-of-its-kind silicone, antimicrobial lathering tool with an embedded soap design that is equipped with over one thousand exfoliating fingers. The unique tray inside the Body Smoosh holds the soap bar secure for an endless lather and full-body exfoliation achieved single-handedly. Smoosh’s proprietary cold-process natural soaps fit securely inside the Body Smoosh, cleverly designed to utilize every last sud by “smooshing” the last of your soap sliver atop your fresh bar, stretching the product and your dollar further. Smoosh's mission is to provide zero-waste, more efficient and effective grooming alternatives, and decreasing the 300 billion plastics the grooming industry contributes to landfills yearly in single-use plastic body wash bottles, bacteria-harboring plastic loofahs, and more. Smoosh's proprietary bar soaps are vegan and cruelty-free, hand-made with natural ingredients like sweet almond and coconut oils, nourishing shea butter, and natural exfoliants.

Founding Story

Inventors and co-founders behind Smoosh, Adam Simone and Adam Hahn are driven by reinventing everyday products and challenging the status quo through innovative design. They disrupted the four billion dollar shaving industry with their zero-waste grooming products when they launched their first company, Leaf Shave in 2018. With the launch of Smoosh this January 2024, they eagerly anticipate broadening their horizons and expanding beyond shaving care to body care with the launch of Smoosh. Smoosh is leading the charge in making your bathroom vanity more eco-friendly by chipping away at the 300 million pounds of plastics the grooming industry produces yearly. On launching Smoosh, Co-founder Adam Simone said, “The world needs to permanently break up with plastic bottles and liquid body wash and rediscover the power of the bar. It was about time for something innovative to surround natural soap, helping people to make that transition and to stick with it. It’s our mission to bring an end to wasteful loofahs, body wash containers, and slippery, soggy, leftover soap bar bits.”


Smoosh Soap Variety 4-pack
Smoosh Soap Variety 4-pack $18.00
Body Smoosh
Body Smoosh $29.00
Back Scrubber Handle
Back Scrubber Handle $14.99




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