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Date Established 01/2019
Founder Lola Banjo
Press Contact Sara Spiegel, With Sara PR



Timeless, luxurious, functional, and attainably priced bags for work, travel, and leisure. All Silver & Riley products are created to be multifunctional and to offer maximum utility, giving you the most bang for your buck. They believe that luxury doesn't need to break the bank, nor do they believe in compromising on style and quality. Silver & Riley products are made in Italy in the same factories, at the same costs, and through the same processes through which other luxury bag brands create their products, but Silver & Riley's are priced at a fraction of the cost. There is a steady focus at Silver & Riley to always provide the best luxury products with attainable pricing, because everyone deserves access to quality.

Founding Story

The idea behind creating a luxury travel and accessories company was conceived nearly a decade ago while founder Lola Banjo was traveling weekly for work as a Strategy Consultant and observing what people struggled with on their journeys. The products on the market either skewed towards overly functional but boring to look at, or beautiful to look at but lacking in usability.

This birthed the desire to create a brand that bridges the gap between functional and stylish travel and fashion accessories that can be enjoyed by all, and to marry the love for the world and travel with the love for fashion and design.

For over a year, Lola conducted market research and put together focus groups on consumer preferences, then visited manufacturers and factories around the world to find skilled craftspersons to bring her ideas to life. The process was thorough. The focus was on finding factories that had a reputation for excellence and have the highest quality standards while also operating in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. The search landed her in Italy (Tuscany and Naples), where quality is always a core value and the craftsmanship is irrefutable. The creative process is from end to end (e.g. design and concept to production), so Silver & Riley customers can be certain that the attention to detail and focus on customer intimacy remains intact.

Team Bios

Woman, Daughter, Big Sister, Niece, Friend, Academic, Designer, Fashionista, Entrepreneur, Change Agent, Global Citizen, Consultant, Strategist, Photographer, Innovator, Designer, Artist, Writer, Servant Leader, World Traveler, Philanthropist...

...are some of the adjectives that can be used to describe Lola Banjo. Above all, she is passionate. About people, the world, giving back and going for your dreams. It is this passion that propelled me to fulfill an almost decade long dream by launching Silver & Riley.

Being a global citizen is a way of life and Lola has been fortunate to have been able to travel to over 100 countries (and counting). She fully immerses herself in various cultures and ways of life, and seek to have deep, meaningful experiences, all from which she has drawn inspiration. From the streets of New York, Lagos and Milan, to the shores of Rio de Janeiro, Honolulu and Okinawa and the hills of Auckland, San Francisco and Valparaíso, she continue to study diligently and soak up the best of various cultures and street fashion.

Lola a lifelong student, always learning at every opportunity. In terms of traditional education, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering and Mathematics from Rutgers University, a Masters of Science in Financial Engineering from New York University (NYU), and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Strategy, Finance and Decision Sciences from Emory University. She has also studied at business schools around the world including (FGV) Rio (Brazil), (WHU) Koblenz (Germany), (RSM) Erasmus (Netherlands), The London School of Economics and (SDA) Bocconi (Italy).

Each Silver & Riley product has been designed in a way that combines her passion for problem solving and building things better (through my experience as an Engineer and now as a Corporate Strategist) with her affinity towards fashion design - which was picked up from my mother, whom the brand is dedicated to. Lola draws, conceptualize and then works with my manufacturers to bring all Silver & Riley items to life. She is very attentive to detail, especially when it comes to designing functionality that make moving around much more seamless, but doesn’t compromise on style or timelessness.


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