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Date Established 04/2019
Founder Anni Stromfeld and Jacob Xi
Health & Wellness
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Kaila O'Connor


SIJO is the maker of luxe sleep-goods from both natural and inventive materials that are scientifically engineered for cooling and comfort. With Over 4,000 5-Star Reviews, SIJO has the perfect bedding for all types of sleepers.

Founding Story

Anni and Jacob needed a nap. Exhausted by the proverbial grind, they did not take a good night’s sleep for granted. Drained and yearning for balance, they sought work that actually improved day-to-day living for an incrementally better life at large. They realized that overall wellness was made up of intentional decisions about the little things, down to the pillows we lay our heads on at night.

So, SIJO was born. Named for a form of poetry and built on the belief that comfort can be engineered, SIJO sets out to create sensorially superior, sustainable sleep products conducive to quality rest, for better tomorrows.


Cooling Eucalyptus Sheet Set (OPTIONAL: Top Sheet)
Cooling Eucalyptus Sheet Set (OPTIONAL: Top Sheet) $95.00
Organic French Linen Sheet Set (OPTIONAL: Top Sheet)
Organic French Linen Sheet Set (OPTIONAL: Top Sheet) $175.00
AiryWeight Eucalyptus Duvet Cover
AiryWeight Eucalyptus Duvet Cover $105.00
FluffBase Eucalyptus Pillow
FluffBase Eucalyptus Pillow $70.00
Organic French Linen Duvet Cover
Organic French Linen Duvet Cover $245.00
Joi Sleep Sack
Joi Sleep Sack $50.00
Joi Crib Sheet
Joi Crib Sheet $35.00
Bamboo Throw Blanket (OOS; RESTOCK early Sept)
Bamboo Throw Blanket (OOS; RESTOCK early Sept) $50.00
AiryWeight Eucalyptus Comforter
AiryWeight Eucalyptus Comforter $235.00
CloudSupport Pillow
CloudSupport Pillow $120.00
Bamboo Bed Blanket
Bamboo Bed Blanket $65.00
Cooling Mattress Pad
Cooling Mattress Pad $175.00

Team Bios

Co-founder Anni Stromfeld started SIJO alongside childhood friend Jacob Xi after reconnecting and bonding over their common interest in entrepreneurship and a desire to build an ethical and sustainable business in the health/wellness area. Her vision was to transform the way consumers think and feel about the home. 

After working in high-stress, results-driven work environments and juggling her career and personal life, she sought to find balance in the chaos of life. The root of that: better, healthier sleep. This journey to find balance helped her (and Jacob) precisely identify the demands of the SIJO customers, using innovative fibers and materials to create the best possible products.

Anni, Jacob and their team focus on creating sustainable, performance driven products that not only boast healthy benefits and unparalleled quality, but that have a simple, modern aesthetic that suits any home.


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