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Date Established 04/2022
Founder Taylor Patton
E-commerce & Retail
Travel & Tourism
Outdoor Adventure
Press Contact Taylor Patton


Shorebird is a premium outdoor well-being brand ushering in a new era of products that elevate your time outside. We believe that high quality products, thoughtful design, and creating a positive environmental impact shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

Through intentional design, thoughtful material choice, and a passion to leave a positive impact on our planet, Shorebird is setting a new bar for beach and outdoor products. The brand's flagship product, the Shorebird Beach Chair, has garnered early demand and interest from Luxury Resorts and discerning leisure seekers alike with its custom recline system, removable fabric, and environmental mission. Shorebird connects you to exceptional places and experiences, and we can't wait to share them with you.

Founding Story

Shorebird's story started with a love for design and a passion for the outdoors. Our founder's background was working in luxury hotels and when travel came to a halt in 2020, more time was spent outside. We became frustrated with the quality, functionality, and material choice of beach & outdoor products on the market. We had this realization that despite all of the time, capital, and efforts to clean up our oceans and shores, nearly all of the products we bring to the beach are made with materials we were trying to get away from. When we found out a better alternative didn't exist, we set out to create one.

Hundreds of initial prototypes were built in our backyard, and then we ultimately teamed up with some of the best product designers in the world to bring Shorebird's vision to life. 2+ years, and 277 prototype revisions later, Shorebird is here.


Shorebird Beach Chair
Shorebird Beach Chair $359.00

Team Bios

Bret is an industrial designer, entrepreneur, investor, and the founder of Box Clever, the award-winning design studio renowned for creating physical products and experiences that delight consumers and build category-leading brands. Bret serves as the Chief Creative Officer for Shorebird.

Taylor Patton is the Founder & CEO of Shorebird and a Southern California native. Prior to starting Shorebird, Taylor was a luxury Hotelier, working for some of the most prestigious Hotels & Resorts in the world.

The idea for Shorebird started in 2020 when the world slowed down and travel came to a halt. Spending time outside became the norm, and a beach chair became an integral part of every day life. He became frustrated with the quality, functionality, and material choice of existing beach and outdoor products on the market and when he realized a better alternative didn't exist, he set out to create one.




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