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Date Established 01/2014
Founder Patrice Mousseau
Headquarters North Vancouver
Health & Wellness
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Satya Organic Skin Care delivers all-natural, effective skin relief that's backed by science. Formulated with only simple, USDA Certified Organic ingredients, Satya effectively soothes and relieves all forms of eczema and dry, itchy, or irritated skin — without the use of steroids or harsh chemicals.

Although originally formulated for eczema, Satya's signature skin relief also works wonders on all types of everyday skin stress. Whether you're dealing with an intense eczema flare-up, or just suffering from chapped lips, dry cuticles, thigh chafing, or an extremely itchy bug bite, Satya has got you covered.

As a proudly Indigenous woman-owned business, Satya's core values are rooted in creating a more sustainable future. All Satya products are packaged in environmentally sustainable materials with the intent to be 100% composted, refilled, or repurposed indefinitely. Satya operates as a carbon and plastic neutral company and upholds 13 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Founding Story

Satya started with a need. Founder, Patrice Mousseau's baby girl, Esme, developed eczema at only 8 months old and was scratching her arms and legs bloody. When brought to the doctor, the only treatment Esme was prescribed was a steroid cream for her delicate skin. Patrice learned from previous experience that topical steroids can have harmful side effects and knew there had to be a better solution. Patrice started looking at what was on the pharmacy shelves — seeking something effective, non-toxic, fragrance-free, and backed by scientifically supported research — and couldn't find a single product that met her needs.

Putting her journalist skills to good use, she started digging into existing medical research, traditional medicine, and the latest academic studies coming out of universities. Soon, Patrice was experimenting in her kitchen crockpot and eventually developed a formula that cleared Esme's eczema in just two days. She began giving it away to friends and acquaintances, and by word of mouth, demand for the product took off. Patrice first began selling Satya in 2014 in local Canadian farmer's markets and a few stores. Satya is now sold globally online on major retail platforms and has just officially launched in the United States!


Satya Eczema Relief Stick
Satya Eczema Relief Stick $21.99
Satya Oat Bath
Satya Oat Bath $19.99
Satya The One Stick
Satya The One Stick $21.99

Team Bios

Based in North Vancouver, Patrice Mousseau is a conscious entrepreneur and the owner/creator of Satya Organic Skin Care. Patrice is also a proud single mom and Anishinaabe member of Fort William First Nation.

Patrice’s determination to change the world through business began by accident. For years, she was a news anchor for leading television & radio stations in Canada, but that all changed when her baby girl Esme began suffering from eczema at only 8-months old.

Today, Satya has helped thousands of skin warriors around the world access clean, effective skin relief.







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