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S. Carter Designs

Wild inspired fine jewelry


Date Established 05/2009
Founder Sally Hovis, Sarah Olsen
Headquarters Atlanta, GA
Press Contact Sarah Jarrett Perry


S. Carter Designs was founded in 2009 as a labor of love by  mother/daughter design duo Sally Hovis and Sarah Olsen. Sally and Sarah took inspiration from travel, art, and everyday moments and began designing timeless pieces for women who appreciate individuality and detailed craftsmanship. From casual elegance to black tie, S. Carter Designs embodies simple, refined and versatile jewelry.

The fine jewelry line creates one-of-a-kind pieces by merging natural elements, like shells, python and tusks, with fine details like gold and diamonds - making its pieces both organic and glamorous. The end result - a collection of luxurious pieces that are as bold, unique, and refined as the women who wear them.

Founding Story

Established in Atlanta, Georgia, mother and daughter design duo Sally Hovis and Sarah Olsen, founded S. Carter Designs when Sarah, who while working in retail at the time, fell in love with her friend’s necklace that was made of gold plate and featured a resin tusk.

In spite of being allergic, Sarah loved the necklace so much that she decided to make her own using all natural products, a leather chain with a real tusk. Sarah found that everyone around her loved her alternative just as much as she did and so, the first S. Carter piece was born.


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