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Embrace proactive hair wellness for healthier hair.


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Rthvi is a modern hair wellness brand committed to reshaping traditional approaches to hair care. By seamlessly merging ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with contemporary trichological principles, Rthvi establishes itself as a unique platform that emphasizes proactive hair wellness. The brand firmly believes that healthy, beautiful hair extends beyond mere aesthetics; it serves as a profound reflection of overall well-being. Rthvi meticulously crafts its products with clean, science-based active ingredients, perfectly aligned with Ayurvedic principles that highlight the critical role of scalp health in nurturing strong, nourished hair.

Rthvi goes beyond being just a hair care brand; it represents a holistic self-care movement. Through Rthvi, individuals embark on a transformative journey, embracing proactive care over reactive measures. By doing so, they unlock the potential for healthier, more radiant hair in the days ahead. The brand's mission is crystal clear: to revolutionize the narrative of hair care, ensuring accessibility and empowerment for all, while championing the fusion of tradition and modernity in the pursuit of timeless, proactive hair wellness.

Founding Story

Rthvi's founding story is a testament to the power of passion, cultural heritage, and a deep-rooted commitment to holistic well-being. It all began with the vision of Meerika, a certified cosmetic formulator and a certified trichologist, and an immigrant from India, whose life had been profoundly shaped by the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda.

Having grown up in a culture where Ayurveda was not just a system of medicine but a way of life, Meerika carried this treasure trove of knowledge with her when she embarked on her journey to a new land. As an immigrant, she sought to bridge the gap between her rich cultural heritage and the modern world she now called home.

The idea for Rthvi was born out of Meerika's desire to share the transformative potential of Ayurveda with the world, particularly in the realm of hair care. She recognized that the traditional approach to hair wellness needed a fresh perspective—one that shifted the focus from reactive damage control to proactive, preventative care. This vision led to the creation of Rthvi, a brand that seamlessly marries the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with modern trichological insights.

With a deep commitment to clean, science-based ingredients and a holistic approach to self-care, Rthvi has become a beacon of proactive hair wellness, making beautiful, healthy hair an attainable reality for all.


Hair Growth Starter Kit
Hair Growth Starter Kit $74.00
Rosemary Oil for Hair
Rosemary Oil for Hair $26.00
Hair Thickening Growth Serum
Hair Thickening Growth Serum $34.00
Revitalize Natural Hair Growth Oil
Revitalize Natural Hair Growth Oil $32.00
Hair Wellness Gift Set
Hair Wellness Gift Set $99.00
Reveal Hair Serum For Shine & Frizz Control
Reveal Hair Serum For Shine & Frizz Control $38.00
Replenivate Hydrating Conditioner
Replenivate Hydrating Conditioner $32.00
Replenivate Hair Strengthening Shampoo.
Replenivate Hair Strengthening Shampoo. $32.00




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