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Date Established 10/2020
Founder Nate Mihalovich
Headquarters New York
Press Contact Nate Mihalovich


Revv is building the first consumer driven auction to sell your car directly to our network of dealerships. Our mission is to enable people to get the best price for their vehicle and give dealers access to an entirely new, improved way of acquiring cars and customers.

The average price difference between highest and lowest offer for cars is over 35%, which means consumers need to have an easy way to get competitive bids while saving them tons of time. The difference can mean thousands of dollars. And dealerships need ways to acquire more cars and customers in a new way. Our solution enables them to set the prices, compete for customers in any location, close with the highest rate in the market, and only pay when a deal is done.

This is not your usual startup trying to solve Silicon Valley problems — we are focused on providing elegant solutions to an outdated and underserved $2T+ market that is ripe for disruption. We’ve raised a seed round from Crosslink Capital, a top tier investor behind companies like Chime, Casper, Pandora, and Postmates. Our leaders are seasoned veterans in scaling teams and we are ready to bring in the right people to build something amazing.

Founding Story

Years back, Nate (CEO) had a terrible experience buying a car with his wife, Ellen. Like so many other people, he thought there had to be a better way. Fortunately what started negative turned extremely positive when he met a great dealer who delivered the car to his home and made the process seamless. That sparked Nate's interest in researching the space to understand opportunities to create more incredible experiences like this one. It became clear in 2020 that while many of the large dealers were set up to enable online acquisitions of cars, there was no marketplace that could serve customers to mimic an actual bidding process that many do today. That's where the idea for Revv was born.

Team Bios

Nate is currently building Revv - the first marketplace for consumers to auction their cars directly to car dealerships.

Prior to Revv, he spent 6 years leading & scaling sales teams at BuildingConnected. He was the first non-engineering hire and helped launch multiple product lines within the company, taking them from pre-revenue to multiple millions. He helped grow the team to over 250 people prior to the acquisition by Autodesk in 2019 for $275M.

Prior to BuildingConnected, Nate started a company in social commerce for action sports. He also worked in data center acquisitions and development at Digital Realty.

Nate lives in New York with his wife, Ellen, and son, Irving. Outside of work he is an avid tennis player, surfer, foodie, and traveler.

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