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Date Established 06/2016
Founder Pia Rappaport
Headquarters Brooklyn, NY
Press Contact Pia Rappaport


Minerva Pillow
Minerva Pillow $72.00
Marguerite Pillow
Marguerite Pillow $72.00
Hugh Lumbar Pillow
Hugh Lumbar Pillow $76.00
Bond Pillow
Bond Pillow $98.00
Gemma Pillow
Gemma Pillow $98.00
Gemma Lumbar Pillow
Gemma Lumbar Pillow $76.00
Henry & Landon Pillows
Henry & Landon Pillows $88.00
Calhoun Lumbar Pillow
Calhoun Lumbar Pillow $74.00
Sophia Line Drawing Print
Sophia Line Drawing Print $64.00
Linus Pillow
Linus Pillow $54.00
Chindi Pillow
Chindi Pillow $72.00
The French Market Bag Two Tone
The French Market Bag Two Tone $18.00
James Tissue Box Cover
James Tissue Box Cover $32.00
Phineas Pillow
Phineas Pillow $54.00
Jolie & Trilli Pillows
Jolie & Trilli Pillows $72.00
Figure 1 Art Print
Figure 1 Art Print $64.00
The French Market Bag
The French Market Bag $18.00
Palma, Minton & Allie Lumbar Pillows
Palma, Minton & Allie Lumbar Pillows $88.00
Modern Market Tote
Modern Market Tote $22.00
Water Tiger Art Print
Water Tiger Art Print $53.00
Trina Macrame Plant Hanger
Trina Macrame Plant Hanger $48.00
Cowrie Embroidered Lumbar Pillow
Cowrie Embroidered Lumbar Pillow $38.00
Loki Lumbar Pillow
Loki Lumbar Pillow $72.00


PILLOWPIA is a home accessories shop dedicated to offering easy eclectic pieces in an accessible way. Founder Pia Rappaport-Goldman brings her playful and uncomplicated style to the table where form and function both have equal seating. Her fine and commercial art education, coupled with her background building archives for major fashion designers, translates into an aesthetic that is enduring, transportive, and deeply rooted in nostalgia.

Founding Story

After over a decade building archives for major fashion designers including Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch, founder Pia Rappaport left corporate life to pursue her own design work. With a lifelong passion for prints, textiles and home decor, Pia launched PILLOWPIA in 2016 shortly after her first child was born. Since then, she has had two more children who have grown up alongside the business. Pia draws inspiration from her creative background and extensive personal archive, always leaving some space for feedback from her kiddos.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Pia is the daughter of a jazz pianist and a fine artist/jewelry designer. She currently lives with her husband, daughter, and two sons in a restored brownstone in the historic section of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.






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