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Numi Organic Tea Logo

Numi Organic Tea

Organic, Fair Trade Pu-erh teas, daily super shots and tea latte concentrates


Date Established 01/1999
Founder Ahmed Rahim, Reem Hassani
Headquarters Oakland
Press Contact Molly Antos, Dadascope


Numi’s vision is to inspire well-being of mind, body and spirit through the simple art of tea. Numi elevates the tea experience through innovation and quality, as well as its commitment to the environment and our global community. Numi hopes to educate and influence others to make a difference in their contribution to society. Numi is an organization that celebrates difference and creativity; the company occupies a vibrant office space and tea garden that invites all to find their own thoughts and visions and take the tea transformation.

Numi Organic Tea sources its teas and ingredients directly from fair labor gardens that pay farmers and workers fair wages that allow their families to thrive. Over half of Numi’s teas are sourced from Fair Trade CertifiedTM gardens, which empower tea growers to invest Fair Trade premiums back into their communities. In 2013, Numi introduced its new Fair Labor Practices (FLP) program, a proprietary verification program that uses a continuous improvement model to focus on labor and workplace conditions throughout Numi’s entire foreign supply chain. To date, all of our pu•erh tea blends are Verified Fair LaborTM. Numi is constantly working to improve and expand its commitments to the communities it works with, and aims to have all its products socially certified.

Founding Story

Numi was founded in 1999 in Oakland, California by brother and sister Ahmed Rahim and Reem Hassani with a vision to share the transformative, healing power of tea with the world. They named their company after the steeped dried desert lime they drank in their early childhood in Baghdad, Iraq. The drink symbolizes hospitality and community (numi means “citrus” in Arabic). Creative, conscious change-makers, they have introduced little-known herbs and teas to the United States, while advancing human rights and sustainable causes around the globe.


Numi Organic Tea Advent Calendar 2023
Numi Organic Tea Advent Calendar 2023 $30.12
Throat Soother
Throat Soother $7.49
Dandelion Detox
Dandelion Detox $7.49
Congest Away
Congest Away $7.49
Flowering Tea
Flowering Tea $39.99
Immune Boost
Immune Boost $7.49
World of Tea
World of Tea $32.99
Turmeric Chai Golden Latte
Turmeric Chai Golden Latte $14.99
Immune Support
Immune Support $7.49
Tea By Mood Gift Set
Tea By Mood Gift Set $22.49
Wander with Purpose Gift Set
Wander with Purpose Gift Set $24.99
Numi Organic Tea White Rose
Numi Organic Tea White Rose $5.89
Numi Organic Tea Self-Care Sampler, Herbal Tea Gift Set, 40 Tea Bags Assortment
Numi Organic Tea Self-Care Sampler, Herbal Tea Gift Set, 40 Tea Bags Assortment $36.37
Roasted Japanese Tea
Roasted Japanese Tea $26.31
Numi Organic Tea Aged Earl Grey
Numi Organic Tea Aged Earl Grey $11.97
Jasmine Green
Jasmine Green $7.99
Dash of Salt Organic Drinking Chocolate
Dash of Salt Organic Drinking Chocolate $12.99
Relax and Regenerate Herbal Supplement Tea Line
Relax and Regenerate Herbal Supplement Tea Line $7.99

Team Bios

Reem Hassani Bio Image

Reem Hassani

CBO & Co-Founder

see bio

At Numi, Reem oversees brand identity, including all packaging design, brand voice and experience. An artist by trade (including a Diploma d’Arte from Lorenzo de Medici Art Institute in Florence, Italy and an M.F.A. in Arts & Consciousness Studies from JFK University), Reem’s original artwork has been a source of inspiration for Numi’s brand vision and packaging. In 2019, she was honored as one of Progressive Grocer’s Top Women in Business.

Ahmed Rahim Bio Image

Ahmed Rahim

CEO & Co-Founder

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Ahmed is the alchemist behind Numi’s teas, creating unique, innovative, and delicious blends with his tea’m. Before co-founding Numi, he studied theater and psychology in New York City, then spent a decade living, working and traveling in Europe as a professional filmmaker and photographer. He began designing teahouses in Prague, where he learned about tea’s culture, ceremonies, and its many health benefits. He speaks English, Arabic, Czech, French and German.


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