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Date Established 01/2019
Founder Jalene Kanani Bell
Construction & Real Estate
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Jalene Kanani Bell


Noho Home is a company that offers unique, authentic, and high-quality coastal home decor products. They prioritize helping customers make their homes into sacred spaces and evoke a sense of cultural sensibility. All their products are designed by Jalene Kanani, a native Hawaiian, and they aim to bring the spirit of Aloha into every home.

Founding Story

NOHO HOME is a dba of founder Jalene Kanani's brand JaleneKanani Inc., which was created to service the Architecture & Design Industry in Hawai'i. Originally a B2B company working with architects and interior designers, the brand was focused on offering authentic native Hawaiian-inspired designs for flooring, fabrics, and wallcovering in the commercial and hospitality space. After years of friends and family asking for a line of home goods with her designs, Jalene expanded the company by creating NOHO HOME, making the same commercial-quality products available to the everyday consumer.


Maluhia Comforter
Maluhia Comforter $199.00
Loʻi Kalo Comforter
Loʻi Kalo Comforter $249.95
Hoʻolu Hiamoe Duvet Cover
Hoʻolu Hiamoe Duvet Cover $159.99
ʻOpihi Duvet Cover
ʻOpihi Duvet Cover $159.99
Niho Medallion Square Pillowcase - Sand & Midnight
Niho Medallion Square Pillowcase - Sand & Midnight $79.95
Nahenahe Square Pillowcase - Aloe & Ivory
Nahenahe Square Pillowcase - Aloe & Ivory $79.95
Kī Square Pillowcase - Tangerine
Kī Square Pillowcase - Tangerine $79.95
Niho Lumbar Pillowcase - Brown
Niho Lumbar Pillowcase - Brown $69.95
Loʻi Shower Curtain
Loʻi Shower Curtain $49.99
Nā Pua ʻAʻala Collection - 3 Votive Candle Set
Nā Pua ʻAʻala Collection - 3 Votive Candle Set $45.00
Pīkake Reed Diffuser
Pīkake Reed Diffuser $34.95
Loulu Table Runner - Blue
Loulu Table Runner - Blue $59.95
Batik Dining Napkins - Seafoam
Batik Dining Napkins - Seafoam $59.95
Niho Medallion Dining Placemat Set - Red
Niho Medallion Dining Placemat Set - Red $49.95
Niho Drapery
Niho Drapery $49.99
Batik Luxury Sheet Set
Batik Luxury Sheet Set $169.95
Kilo Hōkū Shower Curtain
Kilo Hōkū Shower Curtain $49.99
Halawai Area Rug
Halawai Area Rug $599.00

Team Bios

A natural born creative, textile designer Jalene Kanani began her creative expression through hula, beginning at the age of 3, and within 3 years she was a regular keiki performer in Don Ho's iconic Waikīkī show. As a teenager she became a governor’s model who traveled the United States promoting Hawai'i as well as an international hula dancer for Tihati Productions. Her experience as a hula dancer provided a steadfast foundation to ignite her cultural curiosities while defining herself as an ambassador of aloha.

Creativity was not only encouraged but modeled for Jalene, whose mother owned and designed Hawaiian fashion label Wailani Originals: Hula Girl Creations, a line of t-shirts and bags sold at Liberty House and McInerny in the early 1970s and became her first foray into design.

Determined to develop her business acumen to complement her creative impulses, she earned a B.A. in Political Science which led her to a corporate job in furniture flooring and equipment supply. Working with textile manufacturers afforded her the unique opportunity to forge important relationships within the industry as well as realize the niche markets that had yet to be developed in Hawai'i and beyond. Her designs were well-received, and she began licensing designs to international manufacturers such as Duralee and Durkan.

In 2008, she established Jalene Kanani Inc., designing commercial carpeting and flooring through ProSPEC contract fabric, where she continued to hone her skills and develop her unique brand aesthetic. Her experience inspired her to parlay her tribal prints into a collection of home goods in unexplored areas of Hawaiʻi's interior industry.

In 2019, she launched NOHO HOME with a line of bedding featuring her distinguished patterns. With dreams of new textiles and product development on the horizon, Jalene's success in the world of coastal home decor has only just begun.


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