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Founder Patti Harrison
E-commerce & Retail
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At Marcher, we create premium, beautiful and functional handbags + accessories that make your life easier. After years struggling with bags that became “the black hole”, we set out to create the perfect bag: one that’s as functional as it is beautiful. 

We create bags for the modern woman who is navigating the high expectations of everyday life. Your bag should work for you, which to us means it should allow you to see all that you carry, keep you organized, be durable, and last a long, long time. Oh yeah, and it should be pretty too. 

Not only are we passionate about bags, but we are also big believers in doing things a bit differently. After years of working in retail and the corporate world, we finally have the opportunity to create the company we’ve envisioned for years: a brand committed to community, sustainability + empowerment. Here’s how we do it:

  • We are champions of American craftsmanship and fiercely committed to domestic production. It’s not always easy, but we’re inspired by the impact we’re making on local communities by creating our products in the U.S.

  • We strive for complete fashion transparency so everyone understands our manufacturing processes and how we impact people and the planet.
  • TH includes living wages, small batch manufacturing (avoiding overproduction, and using sustainable manufacturing methods.

Founding Story

For years, I struggled to find a bag that was beautiful and functional. Before Marcher, I had a career creating performance apparel (working for brands like Nike and adidas), and never understood why I couldn't find a bag that had functional performance details - why can't a girl get a pocket?! 

Since I could never find the perfect bag, in 2016 I left my corporate career and decided to design + make the bag I could never find: one that's as functional as it is chic. 

After two years of product development, materials sourcing and finding the right manufacturing partner, our flagship first bag was launched in the fall of 2018. 


Juliette Shoulder Tote
Juliette Shoulder Tote $495.00
Kristen Bag
Kristen Bag $170.00
Petite Juliette Tote
Petite Juliette Tote $395.00
Isabella Tote
Isabella Tote $325.00
Allie Laptop Clutch
Allie Laptop Clutch $225.00
Micro Pia
Micro Pia $95.00

Team Bios

Patti Harrison, Founder + CEO

Patti is the founder and sole full time employee of Marcher. After a 15+ year career creating performance apparel in the corporate world, Patti jumped into entrepreneurship and has never looked back. 

Patti has an extensive career in apparel product creation, marketing, and retail, working for large brands such as Nike and adidas. Her unique combination of experience plus her fiery passion for the business has enabled Marcher to remain self-funded to date. 


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