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Date Established 02/2013
Founder Cara Hochhalter, AJ Hochhalter
Headquarters Lexington, KY
Press Contact Abby DeRoche


Maple & J is a handmade e-commerce jewelry line made to wear all the time. In 2013, Maple & J Founder, Cara Hochhalter, began experimenting in her family's laundry room to create simple and durable bangles for her children who were toddlers at the time. Since then, the brand has grown into a way to stay connected to loved ones and look fashionable at the same time. The current line consists of bangles, chains and rings in gold and silver made for women, men and children of all ages. The style is simple and effortless, genuine and durable, and made to stick with you through all of life's up and downs.  There is no need to remove for bathing, exercising, or cleaning because every piece is made from quality metals. Maple & J stands for what is real and tough, yet sentimental, because the pieces become part of the story of whoever wears them. The company employs a network of stay-at-home moms who use the job as a way to work and stay home with their kids- a cause that is very close to Cara's heart. In 2018, the brand launched its "Wear It to Share It" campaign which includes a free bangle in every 10th order with the intention that the recipient would have an extra bangle "on hand" to bless to a deserving friend or stranger.

Founding Story

When Cara was living in China during college, she noticed many of the babies and children there were wearing handmade jewelry. Years later, when she started having kids of her own she wanted good quality bangles for her babies. She looked to purchase some but many were limited to cheap plated metal or frilly beaded designs. With the encouragement of her husband, she began experimenting in the family's laundry room, manipulating real silver and gold. After a year of making them exclusively for her own children and friends, she founded Maple & J, naming the business after her two kids she had at the time "Maple" and "Justus".


Rolo Chain Bracelet
Rolo Chain Bracelet $80.00
Men's Gold MJ
Men's Gold MJ $80.00
Hammered Jockey Cuff
Hammered Jockey Cuff $90.00
Everyday Gold Hoops
Everyday Gold Hoops $60.00
The Rapper Thik
The Rapper Thik $145.00
Gold Beaded Bracelet
Gold Beaded Bracelet $70.00
The Dainty Chain
The Dainty Chain $65.00
Riesling Chain
Riesling Chain $215.00
Twisted Bold Gold
Twisted Bold Gold $85.00
Women's Yellow Gold Half Round
Women's Yellow Gold Half Round $85.00
The Memory Bangle
The Memory Bangle $85.00
Women's Yellow Gold MJ
Women's Yellow Gold MJ $80.00
Children's Gold MJ
Children's Gold MJ $50.00

Team Bios

Cara Hochhalter


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Cara is the owner and founder of Maple & J.  Cara grew up as the youngest of four siblings- living on the road while her father worked as a jockey, racing horses all across the US. Growing up on the racetrack gave Cara an appreciation for tradesmen and women and a respect for things made to last the test of time.

Along with running the business, Cara is also the lead jewelry designer as well as a stay-at-home-mom for her four children (Justus, Maple, Luella Gold, and Shiloh). Cara's main goal each day is to leave the world a kinder, more heartfelt place and she uses her brand to accomplish this mission. To her, Maple & J is about the mission of connecting people and making them feel loved and beautiful. 

AJ Hochhalter

Owner/Marketing Director

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AJ works as the creative director at Maple & J.  He is responsible for running the brand's ambassador program along with producing digital content for the brand. Before joining his wife Cara at Maple & J, he worked solely in the film industry. AJ is an Oscar-nominated and Sundance-winning film composer and producer working on both theatrical films and commercial work. AJ's past clients include Facebook, Mercedes, and National Geographic, and he also produced the feature documentary NEAT: The Story of Bourbon.  AJ brings his eye for cinema and storytelling to the company. Earlier this year, AJ worked to develop the film series for the brand entitled "Never Take It Off" which features Maple & J customers as they live their everyday life and share their story and who they strive to be.    





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